R. Kelly Using Aaliyah To Get Out Of Jail, Assures Judge He Can’t Obstruct Accusers Because She’s Dead and Others Have Already Spoken Out Publicly

It’s survival of the fittest mode for troubled singer R. Kelly, and right now he’s using just about every tactic that he and his team can think of in order to get his freedom. Freedom that many believe the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer should just about forfeit after years of very damning allegations that have mounted up against him. One of his legal team’s latest moves proves that they will go to just about any length to achieve his freedom, as they reach to the heavens and involve the late R&B singer Aaliyah… again.

R. Kelly and Aaliyah’s (unfortunate) history dates back to a time when she was a teenager and he was in his twenties. The pair were introduced by her uncle, industry heavyweight Barry Hankerson, to begin working on music. Out of their 1993 sessions would birth her debut album Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number. Soon rumors would begin to swirl that their “working relationship” might have been more than just work.

The pair would continue to deny and downplay the rumors of their relationship, claiming that they were just “best friends”. However, the marriage license between the then couple surfaced, showing that 27-year-old R. Kelly had married a then 15-year-old Aaliyah, although the marriage certificate claimed that she was 18. The marriage was quickly annuled.

Fast forward to years later where Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly would reopen the door to the singer’s troubles as multiple accounts of misconduct were detailed in the multi-part documentary. Soon, cases were opened and reopened and Kelly found himself behind bars.

Added to his already long list of legal woes are new bribery charges with a “revised indictment” stemming from his marriage to Aaliyah. USA Today reported of a Brooklyn federal court that “accused Kelly of scheming with others to pay for a ‘fraudulent identification document’ for someone identified only as ‘Jane Doe’ on Aug. 30, 1994.

As he sits behind bars and awaits trial, Robert Kelly and his legal team have made many an effort to have him released and prove his alleged innocence. They have even gone as far as to attempt to use the pandemic as a way to have him released, saying that his health was at risk.

However, his claims would eventually be denied as prosecutors reviewed the matter and revealed that he regularly had been seeing prison doctors. “The defendant has been seen by Clinical Director Brij Mohan, M.D., almost monthly (specifically, on January 21, 2020; February 10, 2020; March 31, 2020; and May 1, 2020), and by nurse practitioners on five occasions (January 17, 2020; March 19, 2020; March 26, 2020; April 7, 2020; and April 29, 2020). The defendant has also been seen multiple times by registered nurses this year as well,” prosecutors said, as reported by The Blast.

They added that the singer “is currently not on any chronic care meds” and does not suffer from any “chronic disease issues.”  Perhaps seeing that attempt failed, for the singer’s next trick he cited Aaliyah as a reason for him to be released. Why? He feels that he can be trusted because he’s no longer a risk to her due to her being deceased.

While Kelly does not name the singer, he firmly maintains that one of the alleged accusers could not be victim to any form of obstruction due to her being deceased. TMZ and The Blast both obtained court documents that reveal the singer’s request.

“Jane Doe number one appears to be a deceased individual. The only other individual who has spoken or been identified regarding that allegation has been actively talking about his appearance before the federal grand jury on social media,” the documents read.

Kelly also includes former girlfriend Azriel Cleary in the documents, claiming that he could not possibly get her to alter her stance when it comes to him. Cleary, who initially stood firm next to her former lover in his defense, would soon begin to change her story and heavily speaks out against the singer.

“She has, since leaving Mr. Kelly, created an active, for-profit, social media presence, requesting individuals to subscribe to her Instagram and YouTube channels, where she regularly speaks of how awful he was,” the documents stated, “to the extent this court has previously been led to believe that there may be a risk of obstruction, the fact is that there is no one related to this case who would be the slightest bit receptive to any overture from the Kelly camp.”

Kelly is still awaiting trial.

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