R. Kelly’s Associate Caught Attempting Pay Key Witness In Singer’s Case $500,000 To Remain Silent

R.Kelly legal issues continue this week. The once beloved R&B star continues to be held at the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center where he is awaiting trial. Several associates have also taken the fall with Kelly, conspiring to help singer cover up his past indiscretions.

Kelly was initially charged February 22, 2019 following the release of a Lifetime documentary and Mute R. Kelly campaign that saw him dropped from his label. On July 11, 2019, Kelly was taken into custody facing a total of 22 counts as of January 29, 2021.

In April of last year during the start of the pandemic, Kelly asked to be release, fearing that he may contract the virus while imprisoned. U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly denied Kelly’s first request, saying he “posed a flight risk” and noting the concern that he would seek to intimidate witnesses.

Former colleagues Richard Arline, Donnell Russell and Michael Williams were charged for allegedly intimidating witnesses in the disgraced singer’s case in NYC. Now it seems Arline is in more trouble.

According to Page Six, Airline said the following during a hearing in Brooklyn federal court. “Me and another person offered Jane Doe money for her to not go forward with her complaint or testimony against Robert Kelly. I knew what I did was wrong.”

Another co-conspirator allegedly sent a text to one of the women saying “Rob is trying to get his cousin rich in contact with you because he wants to pay you for silence.”

Arline then promised over the phone to give the woman $500,000. He said R. Kelly approved the payment. He wasn’t aware that the call was tapped.

He could get up to 15 years once he’s sentenced.

Kelly’s former manager Donnell Russell, and Michael Wilson also allegedly tried to influence other women ahead of the trial for the Brooklyn charges.

Russell is rumored to be in plea negotiations in November. He was indicted on one count of interstate stalking and was accused of allegedly contacting one victim (whose remained anonymous) in R. Kelly‘s case.  It is reported that Russell reached out to the woman “with the intent to intimidate” her and her family.

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