Radio Host, Charlamagne Tha God Says Black Men Who Date White Women Are More Faithful To White Women During Winter Time Because They’re Covered Up

If you haven’t heard one of the latest declarations to spread widely across the Internet and even radio airwaves (which a large number of people find to be false), “Black Men Don’t Cheat.” Sure, there is an extensive list of Black men that have had issues with infidelity (and/or continue to), and if you were to ask some “all men are dogs.” But according to comedian Lil’ Duval and Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God, “Black Men Don’t Cheat.”

Twitter erupted in June of 2019 when the hashtag #BlackMenDontCheat went viral, thus starting a hilarious and sometimes heated debate filled with memes and discussion among social media users. The official “Black Men Don’t Cheat Day” was birthed after Lil’ Duval released his Charlamagne Tha God-assisted single of the same name.

Charlamagne Tha God teased his followers with a clip of the song in a video which also showed Lil’ Duval and others jamming along to the pair’s collaboration. Hoping to make the catchphrase resound more like an affirmation of sorts for all of his fellow “faithful Black men” out there.

“BLACK MEN DON’T CHEAT. Those 4 words should not upset you, relax your thumbs,” he addresses his followers in the caption. “That lying, scheming, wretch of evil name Satan wants you to get in my comments and tell me I’m lying but don’t let him use like that. To all my faithful black men don’t be afraid to repeat this factual statement over and over simply because we must speak things into existence. Use the power of your words to build yourself up.”

In the song, Charlamagne can be heard declaring throughout the hook amid his background vocals explaining their stance that Black men show “A lot of TLC but we don’t ever creep, So F what you heard.” Elsewhere in the song, the Breakfast Club host is given the second verse where he boldly maintains that Black men are faithful human beings no matter the potential impending temptation.

“You might be fit, beautiful, and thick, but we Fetty Wap winking – we don’t see s**t,” he raps. “We happy at home, no numbers in the phone. No new friends, baby you can move along. We ain’t getting cursed, so move with your thirst. If we ain’t at work then we probably at church.”

He further labels the Black man “God” and that no matter how hard you try, you can have a seat because “I got a wife and you’re not her.” Interestingly enough, it’s public knowledge that the radio host has cheated on his wife, Jessica Gadsen, in the past. Charlamagne has admitted both in his debut book “Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes To Those Who Create It” and while on-air that he hasn’t cheated on his wife since October of 2016.

The catchphrase garnered a lot of reactions, a lot being negative from Black women who found it preposterous. Charlamagne addressed their concerns while on his Brilliant Idiots podcast, but had an interesting outtake.

Co-host and comedian Andrew Schulz posed a question asking if Black women were upset at the narrative because perhaps Black men are being faithful to their white women. It is then that Charlamagne shares that there is an exception to the rule which he has stated previously. “Now, I have said Black men that are with white women, you’re allowed to cheat,” states Charlamagne.

“It’s going to happen,” he continues. “It’s inevitable.” He then gives the explanation to his statement, blaming it on the summer season. “Black men are more faithful to white women during wintertime,” he claims. “Because wintertime, white women are covered up. You don’t get to see how flat everything is… But in the summer, everybody’s out.” Charlamagne further expresses that once a Black man walks out with his white woman and sees another woman with her short shorts, they will be in trouble.

The moral of his story? “You need curves to keep a Black man faithful.”

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