Rapper 50 Cent Banned For Life From Canada, Required To Receive Ministerial Permit to Enter Country

50 Cent is known for always being in some drama. The “Power” creator is public enemy number one for a lot of people due to his outspoken nature and bully antics.

Before 50 Cent was a level one bully on social media, the hip-hop mogul was a new rapper celebrated for his street rhymes and shady past.

His criminal activity was the cornerstone of his music early on and a big part of his branding. Born Curtis Jackson in 1975, 50 Cent was raised Queens, New York. He lost his mother in a fire at 8 years old. 50 Cent started rapping in 1998, and begun collaborating with friends and fellow artists locally.

He then released the single “How to Rob,” which helped kick start his career. 50 Cent career stalled in 2000 when he was shot 9 times and suffered serious injuries. He bounced back from ordeal and in 2003 he released his debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’. 

Since then he continued to be embroiled in controversy which in turn helped keep his music on the top of the charts.

His has had beef with everyone from JaRule to Fat Joe, Wendy Williams. In 2005 he even had an issue with the country of Canada. The Canadian government made moves to ban 50 Cent in 2005. Ahead of a Canadian leg of his tour, Toronto MP Dan McTeague made an announcement that he felt the rapper shouldn’t be allowed in Canada.

“I don’t think people in Toronto or any urban centre need or want to hear Mr. Jackson’s message right now,” McTeague said. “We need to do a better job at protecting Canadians from people whose message runs counter to all of our efforts of trying to curb gun violence.” According to the CBC, 50 had to obtain a special permit to enter Canada due to his criminal history.

Despite McTeague’s pleas to not let him in, 50 did eventually receive temporary resident’s permit from Canada that allowed him to complete his tour.

50 joins an exclusive list of celebrities that have been banned from countries that includes Martha Stewart, The Beatles, Martin Scorsese, Bjork and Selena Gomez.

These days 50 enjoys life as a successful actor and TV producer.

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