Rapper 50 Cent Reveals He and His Biological Father Will Be Strangers Forever, Says He Has No Interest In Meeting After Growing Up Without Him

50 Cent continues to highlight the differences between himself and others, especially when it comes to his approach to the Internet and being a troll. Even with his own behavior online, he’s been unable to face the criticism as a father he’s received for his own ways. A resurfaced clip shows that 50 might be suffering from the sting of his own father’s absence.

50’s issues with his own children have long seeped into the public sphere, whether or not it’s his own doing or if someone is targeting him in retribution for some comments he previously made. One of the biggest detractors of the rapper and his career has been his oldest son, Marquise, and how he’s used social media to take aim at 50.

Previously, 50 Cent told his Instagram Live viewers that he preferred rapper 6ix9ine, who is known to have “snitched” on a number of his associates to escape charges, over his own son Marquise. Marquise responded, calling his father “stupid” on his own social media channels.

In an interview with XXL’s Van Lathan, 50 Cent was asked by the host if he loved his son – to which he replied that he “used to.” 50 continued, “I didn’t think that success would cost me my firstborn but it’s the situation it is. Like, my grandfather used to say, ‘If it rattles like a snake and slithers like a snake, is it a snake or do you need to be bit?'”

It seems as if 50 had mostly written off the older child and focused on youngest son, Sire.

Model Daphne Joy shares a child with rapper/mogul 50 Cent as well, in addition to Marquise’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins. Joy is an entrepreneur and swimsuit model, having launched her own swimwear line Daphne Joy for Abyss by Abby Collection – which 50 Cent has himself helped her promote on Twitter.

On Sire Jackson’s 7th birthday, mother Joy posted more than a few shots of the “family” coming together for Sire’s birthday – and the Internet had something to say even then about 50 Cent’s seeming-erasure of Marquise.

A resurfaced clip however shows that the rapper has his own demons to deal with around fatherhood. The picture begins to become a bit clearer about why 50 Cent feels and acts the way that he does about his own son, Marquise.

Rewind back to 2013, before we knew as much about 50 Cent’s children, issues with his children’s mothers and even the way that he seems to troll other people and it seems as if one of the major causes might be the absence of 50’s own father.

Sitting down with legendary talk show host and journalist Larry King for his interview series Larry King Now, 50 Cent said back in 2013 that he never wants to meet or know who his father is, for reasons that are very valid.

“I never knew my father and I never actually met him,” he said before expounding upon exactly why it never needs to happen for 50, now.

“You know some people have that thing where they actually want that parent they haven’t had in they lives for a long time. No, I have no interest in it. The mistakes that I made early on Larry, he could have been there to help me not make those mistakes.”

See the clip below.

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