Rapper 6ix9ine Live Show Abruptly Ends After Individual Yanks Rapper’s $2 Million Chain Around His Neck, After Jumping In Crowd

Tekashi 6ix9ine is the rapper the public loves to hate, and he loves it.  He revels in it.  Since being released from jail and living as a free man, 6ix9ine has been back to his old ways of living as a free man, unfazed and seemingly unafraid (although he has tons of security).  Tekashi may feel that he is untouchable, but a recent performance of his proved that he can’t let that security go, just yet. 

With the controversial rapper being a huge flight risk as far as security goes, 6ix9ine may not be at the top of the list to headline a show at the moment.  However, there are many that are still willing to take the rapper in, as he does have adorning fans that will support him no matter what he does.  

One such venue that offered 6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, the spotlight to shine on stage.  Tekashi was the star of the show in Orlando on Friday night at the Tier NightClub, his first show since being a free man.  With shows finally beginning to happen since the pandemic, fans have been awaiting live events to happen again, and they rushed to the club to see 6ix9ine. 

The rapper, who is stunting a new figure after losing around 60 pounds, happily performed for his fans.  Videos shared by Akademiks showed a packed venue enjoying his performance.  6ix9ine himself also bragged on his Instagram Stories on the money that he was paid on the backend, and showing off a lot of jewelry, claiming that “$2 million in jewelry jumped into the crowd.” 

He further gloated on Instagram as he shared footage of himself jumping into the crowded venue from the VIP balcony while performing his song “Gooba”.   “‘He NoT GonNa bE Able tO cOmE ouTsiDE’ JUMPED IN THE CROWD WITH ALL MY JEWELRY 2,000,000 WORTH,” he captioned the post. “REAL LIFE > THE INTERNET. If you mad just say that don’t @ me.”   

A report by TMZhowever, showed that his performance didn’t go as smooth as he would like his fans that were not in attendance to think.  A fan shared with TMZ that 6ix9ine became aggravated when a fan knocked his hat off during his performance.  Following that, more allegedly began to mess with the chains that he had on his person.   

6ix9ine reportedly told everyone to “chill”, but when one of his chains fell to the ground the show abruptly came to a close.  Security was able to gather his jewelry and get him out of the venue.  Other than that debacle, it looks as though the rapper had a successful show for himself.   

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