Rapper Big Sean Reveals Making Girlfriend Singer Jhene Aiko ‘Climax’ Nine Times In One Day, Fans React Saying They Understand Why She Tatted His Face Now

A soulmate is one who shares a strong connection with you, that doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic.  A twin-flame, however, brings a bond so intense and so magnetic, it’s destined for the two to be together.  When many think of Jhene Aiko and Big Sean, they view the embodiment of twin flames. 

The couple met back in 2012, the same year that Aiko lost her brother to cancer but were simply friends.  “I had just met him and we worked on ‘Beware’ and ‘I’m Gonna Be.’ He wanted to take me out on a date,” she tells BBC Radio 1Xtra in an interview. “I had a boyfriend, but I still went…just as a friend. I had never been courtside to a game and he’s cool. I told my boyfriend, like, ‘I’m gonna go to this game.’”

Insisting it was just a casual hangout, it was the start of a great friendship between the two.  The “P***y Fairy” singer would later become single, but unfortunately, Big Sean would coincidentally be in a relationship.  She continued, “I took too long. I was like, ‘That’s cool. We’re still friends.’ We were performing together still and recording and all that.”

The chemistry between the pair on recordings would lead them to produce a joint album together under the name Twenty88.  Rumors and speculations about the two dating would only swell, however, Aiko was married to producer Dot da Genius, tying the knot on July 26, 2014.  They would later separate in June 2015.  

Amongst all the rumors and after appearing at several public events, attending red carpets, basketball games, festivals, and award shows together, it would finally seem as if they confirmed their relationship when Aiko appeared on stage with Sean at Power 106’s Powerhouse concert.  The two were extremely flirty on stage and even exchanged a few kisses during their performance together.

A year later during an interview with Billboard, Aiko referred to Big Sean as the “love of my life” when asked to compare their relationship to a song or album outside of their collaborations.  “I would choose — is it Common and Erykah Badu? [Singing] “Love of My Life.” I feel like because I’ve never ever ever had a relationship where we were friends first,” the singer explains.  “I’m the type of girl that if they’re like, ‘You wanna be my girlfriend?’ I’m like, ‘Yes.’ It’s just like, ‘Okay, we’re together we’ve known each other for a week and now we’re exclusive and serious.’”

She continued, “When I met Sean if you looked in the dictionary for Jhené Aiko, it would be a picture of Sean. Basically, he is my type, but he knows. That’s why when I was 16, I had a lot of boyfriends that were like, that fit, that look. I was dating people who I wasn’t attracted to right off the top or whatever. So I ended up not having a type. But then when I met Sean, I had a boyfriend and he was showing interest in me, but I was like, I have a boyfriend. But we were friends, it was never, nothing disrespectful ever happened between me and Sean.”

Aiko said that when the time was right, it came to a point where it was “I’m single, you’re single, we love each other.” She added, “We actually already loved each other as people, and then it was like, “Okay, let’s just, you know, be together.” So it was different because of that friendship. That comes first, we’re friends before anything. We can bicker like a friendship.”

After some time though, the relationship looked like it had ended, as signs of the demise were becoming more and more clear.  They began by removing all traces of one another on social media before Aiko got a tattoo to replace a previous tattoo she had gotten of Sean’s face the year before.  “I covered ALL my tats w/ a big ass Dragon w/ a Phoenix wing breathing life and light into a new galaxy. NEW ART! NO BEEF! ALL LOVE!” she wrote on Instagram.  

She then later confirmed the breakup when social media users caught a comment she made in response to another user who insinuated she would be trashing her then ex on her next album.  “Me and Sean are good,” she stated.  “I’ve got tons of love for him. my next album is all freestyles where I touch on many subjects and relationships… past, present, and future.”

She continued, “I know you all love the drama and would like to think everything I do or say is about him, but I’ve been through plenty of other things and situations that I pull inspiration from when I sit down to create a song. Have a good day.”

Big Sean spent a majority of 2018 away from social media after dealing with depressing and anxiety and doing the work to better himself mentally and spiritually.  “Conditional love is cool, the money and instant gratification, but your foundation on which you stand on is the unconditional love,” he said. “Hey man, put the energy back into yourself, be clear about what you want to do, who you want to do it with. Just know that it all translates to happiness. It feels good to be back at a higher level.”

Speculations would begin to arise that the two had reconciled and fans couldn’t have been happier.  In particular, when Nipsey Hussle passed, Big Sean made a tribute to him, to which Aiko responded showering him with so much love.  “You are so special to me, to the world,” she wrote. “While we are both still on this planet I just want to say I love you beyond measure. Even though I get big mad and you trigger the f–k out of me, you make me feel and I appreciate that.”

She would then appear on Big Sean’s “Single Again”, and fans began to really hope that the two officially made up.  However, it was Aiko’s “None Of Your Concern”, the first single from her latest album Chilombo (currently nominated for Album Of The Year at the upcoming Grammy Awards), that would have tongues wagging at maximum speed.  Big Sean lends a feature to the song where he makes a shocking admission within his verse, which was dedicated to letting her know he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

The rapper gets really candid with information on his feature where he tells the world that he made her climax nine times in one day!  “But every time I lay down I think about you naked/And if you find my replacement, how could you,” rhymes the Detroit rapper. “I made you (explicit) nine times in one day/Your two lips should come in a vase, you rode my face.” 

Many fans began to react after hearing news of that many orgasms in one sitting.  “Big sean said he made Jhené… 9 times in one day, which explains why she’s triggered,” wrote one Twitter user.  Another wrote, “If Big Sean made Jhene… 9 times in a day, then I understand why she tatted his face.”

Impressive indeed.  It is to be said how strong and solid friendships build for better relationships.  Although the two broke up before, it seems as though they are back and better than ever before.  Maybe the friendship and foundation the two built made it that much harder for them to stay apart from one another.  “I literally have like two friends outside of my blood relatives. Everyone else that I call a friend is literally related to me by blood,” she said to Billboard. “So Sean has become my family. I don’t know what the future holds, but as far as my life goes right now, yeah, he’s L-O-M-L.”

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