‘He Should Be F—-d In Jail’: Rapper Boosie Badazz Admits He’d Have Derek Chauvin Violated By Black Man If He Were In Louisiana

Boosie Badazz is never shy about sharing his opinion. The Louisiana rapper has shared his thoughts on everything from Lori Harvey to Donald Trump, Zaya Wade and much much more. Like the rest of the world, he was watching in suspense as Derek Chauvin was tried in taking the life of George Floyd. Now Chauvin is in Locke away and Boosie has some very specific ideas of how his sentence should be spent if he had his way.

Boosie is familiar with the system as he was once locked up too. He served his time between 2009 and and 2014, being released that March. Boosie was originally locked up for probation violation but also got additional charges brought up against him while locked up.

According to Billboard.com “[Boosie] was accused of being involved in the passing of 35-year-old Terry Boyd in his own house in October. District attorney Hiler Moore stated that the incident seemed to be “over turf” and that if Lil Boosie is convicted nothing is off the table. When asked about the incident and if he had anything to say to his fans Boosie doubled down on his innocence, stating, ‘I’m Innocent.’

Derek Chauvin’s name became known world wide after he knelt on George Floyd’s neck for about nine minutes while Floyd yelled, “I can’t breathe” during an arrest made on May 25, 2020. He was immediately fired by the MPD on May 26 and was incarcerated on May 29. Boosie saw some horrible things while incarcerated, and it seems that he’s hoping some of those horrible things happen to Chauvin. In a tweet he said “He lucky he ain’t going to jail n LOUISIANA” before saying a “boss call woulda been made”.

The rapper went on to say to say Chauvin should be violated. “I think he should be [screwed] in jail.  If he was out here, I’d get him [screwed].  If he was in the Louisana jail system I’d get him touched up. … I think, you know, the inmates should [mess] him up.  Especially the Black inmates.  When they see him, he really needs to feel some Black knuckles … I feel like he should get his a$$ whooped and penetrated in prison,” the rapper stated.

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