Rapper Boosie Badazz Believes Felons Should Lie On Job Applications

Boosie is no stranger to charges and is well-aware of not only what it does to your reputation, but the overall limitations that It does to your life.  Those with felonies face hardships in finding a place to live, employment, or in some cases acceptance in society.  That’s why when it comes to doing things to better yourself, Boosie has some advice.

While Boosie was in an interview with VladTV, former NBA player Jayson Williams was brought into the conversation.  Williams gave an account of his prison sentence while highlighting that the system was never instituted to help those that are noticeably unlike them.  “There’s some things we need to work on,” Williams said.  “When I came out of prison…I still could not get a place to stay because I was a convicted felon.”  Williams would have to live in a hotel during his parole and also would be denied after attempting to apply for a job.

“I went to apply at this building [and] they said, ‘denied’,” he added. “I didn’t know that.  I said. ‘Denied? Why? My credit’s good, my money’s good.”  He would go on to apply at a few other locations before a happenstance meeting while giving a speech at the Yale Club with the woman who claimed to own the buildings he was getting denied from.  According to this woman, “The H.O.A, Homeowner’s Association, or the tenant groups, didn’t want a convicted felon in there.”

Rapper Boosie agrees with Williams that once you’re released, opportunities aren’t at the ready for a felon.  “You might get a job as a cook,” Boosie stated before suggesting that felons should fabricate their resumes.  “You know, once you fill out your application most times you should lie on it.  That’s what I advise, you should lie on it. Because even when you do get hired, you’re looked at a certain way.”

He added, “It’s a setup for destruction because, you know, prison is supposed to be about rehabilitation.  We done committed a crime.  If we are rehabilitated, why aren’t we allowed to have guns?  We need them badder than anybody.  You’re not allowed to this, you’re not allowed to do that.  So really now I have 80% out the door in prison, and 20% in the door.”  Boosie then likened it to being “like a box that they keep you in.”

Check out his comments below.

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