Rapper Bow Wow Claims There Would Be No Chris Brown, Omarion or Trey Songz If It Wasn’t For Him, Says He Put Them In Position To Succeed

Bow Wow’s tendency to keep his foot in his mouth has been a recurring problem and one that’s plagued him for years. The “Let Me Hold You” rapper has had a lengthy career in the business, having entered it when he was a child. His success is well known, recent hits or not — but he also once claimed to have put on a few of his other peers, too.

Bow Wow’s been trying to return to music after being a finalist on Fox’s The Masked Singer — with varying levels of success. The rapper had seemingly taken a step back to do some reality television and other ventures. With the return, he used a new secret to generate heat — a new son.

Titled “D.W.M.O.D,” standing for Dealing With My Own Demons, Bow Wow alluded to possibly having a son. “Seen the boy three times, why would I lie?/ Baby moms gon’ bring him through just so we spend some time,” says Bow Wow in the verse. He confirmed later his new bundle of joy with Olivia Sky on his social media channels. While we don’t know the child’s name yet, it is Bow Wow’s second child. In his caption, he wrote “Man you gone take all the girls.”

A recent clip from Growing Up Hip-Hop however revealed that Bow Wow regretted a lot of things about their breakup. The rumors back then were that Bow Wow cheated on Ciara with some other women, and he himself admitted to being “egotistic” at the time they were dating and that he was “trying to play her,” he told VladTV previously in an interview.

“You want commitment, most women want that. Those are things that I’ve tried in my life, I’ve tried twice,” he said on the show to Jermaine Dupri’s daughter. “I was engaged to Ciara and I was engaged to Erica [Mena].”

With a long career comes a long list of collaborators and one of those, Ciara, was one that Bow Wow actually dated. He was dragged by the Internet much after they’d broken up for speaking on Ciara in a disrespectful way, years after they’d broken up, calling her a “bitch” in a club over the microphone.

“I had this bitch first,” proclaimed Bow Wow in a club in 2019 while performing his hit song “Like You,” which featured the singer.

Despite his propensity for grandiosity, the singer’s sharing of his history in the business, and those of his peers who came to success around the same time, again put him in hot water.

On Instagram Live a few years, Bow made some boastful claims about the careers of Chris Brown, Omarion and Trey Songz, claiming that his platform gave them their name recognition.

“They wouldn’t even know half these guys that they love today if it wasn’t for [Scream] as a platform,” Bow Wow says. “We put Trey Songz on his first tour ever. I put Omarion on his first tour ever. I put Chris Brown on his first tour ever, which was the Scream tour. Ciara. First tour ever was that.”

Bow Wow’s string of Scream tours were successful for the rapper and various talent over the years that he’d either performed with, etc. joined him on the successful outings. In a way, he of course contributed in some way towards their success, but he claimed nothing is required for putting them on.

“I can’t say they owe me anything,” he adds. “But I love to put people in positions to watch them succeed.”

See the clip below.

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