Rapper Cardi B, 28 Accused Of Lying About Age and Having Baby In 2011, According To Sister, Hennessey’s Alleged Past Twitter Account Pulled By Fans

In the entertainment industry, you just never know what to believe when it comes to your favorite celebrity.  It is not uncommon for a celebrity to lie about something like their age to appear younger, as it has been done for decades with artists.  Some Internet sleuths believe that rapper Cardi B is one of the many that have or are currently doing just that, amongst other things. 

An old Twitter account allegedly belonging to Cardi’s sister, Hennessey, was uncovered which showed many questionable posts documenting both her life and her sister.  The account, whose first tweet was shown to be made In December of 2011 and final tweet in March of 2012, bore pictures of the sisters as well. 

Cardi B turned 28 in October of 2020, but according to the tweets from the account in question, they suggest that the “Up” rapper could be as old as 32.  On a tweet issued on Christmas day in 2011, “Hennessey” seems to poke fun at her sister as she states her “23-year-old” sister woke her up due to her excitement for Christmas. 

Other tweets show her grieving over the death of her father, and also that Cardi allegedly was pregnant in 2012 and gave birth.  If this is true, then her daughter Kulture with her husband and Migos member, Offset, would allegedly be her second child. 

“First dad died then sister got prego then stayed out of school for like a month now I’m [forever] sick lls this s**t blows!!” tweeted the account in February of 2012. 

While quite a few fans took it and ran with it, as MTO reported that Nicki Minaj fans were the reason behind the resurfaced tweets, it appears that the tweets, as well as the account, have been debunked as fraudulent. 

For instance, one of the tweets on the supposed imposter account shared that Hennessey’s birthday was on January 17th, but her actual birthday is December 22nd.  Also, although photos were posted of what looked like Cardi exiting a hospital with a newborn, a few days prior the account shared photos of a flaf-tummied Cardi in crop tops. 

As Charlamagne tha God always says:  Nobody cares about the truth when the lie is more entertaining. 

More of the tweets below. 

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