Rapper Cardi B Claps Back At Fans Criticizing Her Parenting Skills

Cardi B’s parenting is coming under social media scrutiny once again as it pertains to her daughter with Offset, Kulture.  The rapper was recently surprised by her husband with a Valentine’s Day trip where they also took their two-year-old daughter away from Atlanta to a tropical island.  While some fans praised the multiple showings from the family, some found the time to criticize her for a picture that she shared of Kulture.

In a picture that was shared in Cardi’s Instagram Story, Kulture can be seen on a boat sitting by the bar in a cute t-shirt with diapers and a pacifier.  Instead of fans commenting on how adorable the toddler is, a lot of them decided to leave Instagram to take to Twitter with backlash directed towards Cardi for Kulture sucking on a pacifier. 

Among the commentary were tweets like “CARDI KNOW KULTURE TOO DAMN BIG FOR THAT PACIFIER,” and “Lmao Cardi not even trying to take that pacifier away from Kulture,” began to flood Twitter.   Someone else decided to comment on her possible future dental work.  “And kulture has a mouth full of spaced teeth that’ll probably be like that into adulthood because her mother doesn’t want to hear her cry for a pacifier,” wrote the user.

Upon catching wind of the criticism, Cardi pushed back against those who had opinions against her.  “Some kids are not like YOUR KIDS,” the “Up” rapper wrote on Twitter. “Some kids don’t leave they paci fast or bottle or potty trained faster then others . Some kids are cool, calm some like to play, and are super active that barely naps (mine) stop tellin moms what to do with their kids. All kids are different.”

This is not the first time that Cardi has faced the wrath of social media when it comes to Kulture.  Over the summer of last year, she also posted a picture of Kulture, then one-year-old, with a pacifier in her mouth.  A Twitter troll found fault in the picture of the toddler and wrote, “How old is Cardi’s daughter? And she still sucks on a damn pacifier smh.”

Cardi offered a response to the fan in the hopes that she would never fix her fingers to type anything towards her concerning her child.  “Your mom probably old enough to not have teeth and she still [expletive] right? Have a kid first and raise them your f****** self,” Cardi responded back.  She’s also faced backlash for Kulture walking into a room while her single “WAP” was playing, to which she abruptly turns it off.

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