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Rapper Cardi B Drags Fan and Their Mother After Telling Rapper How To Raise Her 2-Year-Old Daughter, Says She’s Too Old For Pacifier

Despite initial concerns about posting their child on social media, clearly Cardi B and Offset have acquiesced, as Kulture is featured often on their respective Instagram channels. Cardi told Harper’s Bazaar previously that “we were very concerned because we were getting a lot of threats, so he [Offset] said, ‘The world don’t even deserve to see her.’” Now Cardi’s clapped back at a fan again.

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Kulture, the pair’s child, just had her 2nd birthday and the parents shared the pictures on social media. The fans widely circulated the pictures and they’ve even drifted over to Twitter. Kulture is often seen with her parents at events and outings, her parents always keeping her around even for the cool things. The 2-year-old is adorable and is a frequently photographed with her superstar parents.

Cardi’s very protective of her first child, and has often clapped back at fans who have questioned her parenting skills in her comments and the latest occurrence follows that pattern.

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Hollywood Unlocked captured a now-deleted Twitter thread in which Cardi B immediately flew into protective mode after a random troll attacked her daughter – even though the commenter did not tag Cardi in her post, probably knowing better. Doesn’t mean she didn’t get caught.

In the original tweet, they claimed “Kulture not the cutest soooooo”, to which Cardi responded “My daughter is very much the cutest…so sit down with your overgrown gums. That’s a fake tweet…play with your mother or in traffic don’t play with mines.” Clapback, indeed.

Cardi then retweeted another tweet saying “…I woulda violated your kids so bad…” after the original poster claimed “it’s called an opinion.” Mama Cardi doesn’t play about Kulture.

Kulture, for the most part, seems to be totally opposite from her mother. Cardi recently posted a video in which, using her signature voice, Cardi calls out to Kulture over and over. When Cardi gets closer to Kulture, she can be seen just watching her iPad and ignoring her mother’s voice, while sucking on a pacifier, unbothered. Cardi just looks at the camera before walking away and it shuts off, sharing a moment that other mothers can probably relate to.

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Cardi later shared that Kulture was being a ham for the camera. “And guess who made me get out the shower, thirty minutes later after this live with soap on me just to tuck her in and cuddle her to sleep? Yes Miss Kulture,” Cardi said.

While many thought the video was cute, one fan commented on Kulture’s use of a pacifier, that she can be seen taking in and out of her mouth while she occupies herself with her iPad. You know Cardi B wasn’t having that talk, and definitely came for the commenter (who of course, didn’t tag Cardi).

“Your mom probably old enough to not have teeth and she still (explicit) right? Have a kid first and raise them your F— self.”

See the cute video of Kulture ignoring her mama below.

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