Rapper Cardi B Facing Plagiarism Claims Less Than 24 Hours Of Releasing New Single ‘UP’

Cardi B is “Up!” and potentially on the way to the top of the charts once again. Her newly released single and its accompanying NSFW visual have arrested the Internet since its promised release at midnight.  While already garnering much acclaim already, Cardi is also now being accused, once again, of plagiarism and is being threatened with a lawsuit.

It’s been since August 7th of 2020 since the world has heard new music since Cardi.  The NYC-born rapper released the most acclaimed song of the year, the Megan Thee Stallion assisted “WAP” along with a racy visual that kept tongues wagging for ages.  Multiple publications labeled it one of, if not the best song of the year, and fans were even more pressed for new music and a new album.

Cardi admits to having recorded “like 50 songs” for this new album, as told to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe which airs today.  Although she’s recorded so many songs in the vault, she held back out of fear.  “I really wanted to put out an album last year, but it was like, ‘I feel like I don’t have the right songs,'” explains the “Bardi Gang” leader. “I’m just not satisfied, but I really want to put out an album this year. I feel like I have no choice now. Now, I feel like I exceeded my limit of holding. I just need to stop with the fear.”

She then went on to explain the difference between “WAP” and her latest single, as well as where she drew inspiration from for “UP”.  “My last song was very sexual, very sexual, so I always want my next songs to be different than the one before,” she stated. “If a topic on one of my songs is money, the other topic, I want it to be about something else.”

“This might sound crazy, but I got really inspired of Drill Chicago music,” she added. “I was young, and I liked that and everything, so my mixtape was very all about gangster violence. If it’s up, then it’s stuck. That’s where I wanted to take it with this record.”

This week Cardi came on social media with an announcement to her fans that her new single would be delivered by the end of the week, and deliver she did.  “Up” delivers from flows, bars, and the catchy hook “If it’s up then it’s stuck.”  Amidst all the praise from fans and fellow celebrity friends, a pair of local rappers feel as though the superstar stole one of their songs.

A New Jersey rapper by the name of Mir Fontane is seemingly calling out Cardi for similarities in the hook of her new single to his song “Stuck” which was released in September of last year.  Fontane tweeted a side-by-side clip that attempts to hone in on the usage of the phrase “If it’s up, then it’s stuck”.  Along with the tweet he captions it with multiple “pondering” emojis.  Another rapper who appeared on the track, Mir Pesos, fired off a tweet as well directed to Cardi.  “[Cardi B] we want my money [Mir Fontane],” he wrote.

However, Cardi wasn’t about to sit back and take the accusations lightly.  Tweeting out a clip from her Livestream last year with Megan Thee Stallion following the release of their megahit, Cardi is seen chanting the phrase “Up and it’s stuck. Up and it’s stuck. Up and it’s stuck. B***h, it’s up and it’s stuck.”  She then captions her tweet, “AUGUST 7th now go check buddy’s date.”

An account by the name “@TheFactChecker8” on Twitter then tweeted out proof of dates with well wishes to the rappers if they decided to take Cardi to court.  “Explain this real quick. You dropped your song on September 15th, 2020 yet here is Cardi on August 7th, 2020 giving us a lowkey preview of her hook which means she’s been recorded it,” they wrote. “Good luck with taking this to court,” to which Cardi responds with “THANK YOU” in all caps.

Cardi continued to prove her innocence by sending out another tweet to say that she does her best to rid herself of these potential problems.  “Naaa im the type of person that avoids problems & court days,” she stated. “If i get inspired by a song I wouldn’t mind giving a percentage or couple of thousand but I never Hurd if this man .I’m glad while I was recording this song in August I was playing wit the hook on this live.”

Recently, Cardi B participated in a YouTube Live interview and she spoke on the inspiration for the use of the catchphrase, citing her husband Offset.  “I feel like this is more like of an Atlanta thing, I don’t know, a Georgia thing,” 

Genius.com has since shown records of songs that the phrase has actually been used in a number of songs by artists such as Lil Baby, Kevin Gates, Travis Scott, among others.  Regardless of the drama, Cardi has a special request for her fans.  “F**k the drama. RUN THE NUMBERS UP !!!” wrote Cardi on Twitter. 

This isn’t the first time the rapper has been faced with plagiarism claims.  In the past she had been accused of stealing the song “Be Careful” before it was revealed she has been consistently using rapper Pardison Fontaine, the writer of the song, to help write her material.  Also recently, Cardi was accused of stealing lyrics by rapper Dela Wesst to create her verses for “Clout” with Offset as well as the “Thotiana” remix.  Both claims have been vehemently denied by Cardi.

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