DaBaby Probed By Miami Beach PD After Firing Off One Round In Self Defense, Two People Injured, One In Critical Condition

DaBaby is determined to live up to his bad boy persona. The South Carolina rapper has become one of the biggest stars in music, with several hit records to his name. He’s done so mostly by going against the grain and continuing to stay true to his hip-hop and mixtape roots despite pretty much crossing over into pop music in the last year thanks to collaborations with Dua Lipa and Camila Cabello. During his time in the spotlight, he’s been known to stay in and out of trouble, most recently being tied to a sh**t out in Miami.

DaBaby is no stranger to trouble. Back in January he was arrested in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles in connection to some weapon charges. The rapper, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, was taken into custody after authorities claim he carried a loaded weapon into a retail store. The 29-year-old was one of a group of guys who had walked into the store on an upscale part of Rodeo Drive, according to report. Security in the store called law enforcement after seeing a weapon in one man’s waistband, and officers met the men as they returned to their vehicle, police said. The other men were released and DaBaby jailed. He was freed later that week after posting $35,000 bail.

He and Lil Boosie also went viral a couple weeks back after a video of them slapping a homeless hit twitter. The two were apparently shooting a music video together. In the clip, they can be seen standing at a counter in a convenient store when the man approaches them. Boosie slaps the man to the floor while DaBaby looks on. They reportedly paid the man to let them slap him, but it still was not a good look for either rapper as they both are always in some drama.

His latest run in with the law comes on the heels of a dispute outside of a club in Miami. The incident happened outside of Prime 112 in Miami Beach. Initially it was reported that DaBaby was being questioned in connection to an incident that left two people injured, one critically. It was then reported that DaBaby admits to firing his weapon, however he claims it was in self defense. Talk Show Host Andy Slater tweeted “SLATER SCOOP: DaBaby fired off at least one round outside Prime 112 in Miami Beach, police sources say. The rapper told cops he did it in self defense. A senior law enforcement officer tells me that rapper “Wisdom” is also being questioned in connection with the shooting.”

Update: DaBaby has been released by MBPD. The rapper’s attorney told TMZ, “Mr. Kirk has been released by the police. No criminal charges have been filed against him.”  Police said two suspects are now in custody.

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