Rapper DaBaby Trending On Twitter After Video Shows Two Scamming Teenagers Attempting To Rob Rapper Out Of $200 For Box Of $2 Candy, Gets Taught A Lesson

DaBaby recently posted a clip of himself to social media trying to teach some young street peddlers a lesson. However not everyone thought it was fair of him, criticizing the “Bop” hitmaker for how he handled the situation.

The South Carolina rapper has become one of the biggest stars in the music industry, with several hits to his name. He’s done so mostly by going against the grain and continuing to stay true to his hip-hop and mixtape roots despite pretty much crossing over into pop music in the last year thanks to collaborations with Dua Lipa and Camila Cabello.

During his time in the spotlight, he’s been known to stay in and out of trouble, most recently getting into with the MBPD who said he fired his weapon outside of a club. The incident happened at Prime 112 in Miami Beach. It was reported that Da Baby was being questioned in connection to an incident that left two people injured, one critically. It was then reported that DaBaby admitted to firing his weapon, however he claims it was in self defense.

Talk Show Host Andy Slater tweeted “SLATER SCOOP: DaBaby fired off at least one round outside Prime 112 in Miami Beach, police sources say. The rapper told cops he did it in self defense. A senior law enforcement officer tells me that rapper “Wisdom” is also being questioned in connection with the shooting.”

Reps for Da Baby eventually clarified things with TMZ stating “Mr. Kirk has been released by the police. No criminal charges have been filed against him.”  Police said two suspects are now in custody.

Today on his IG, Da Baby posted a video of him interacting with two young men selling $2 candy on the street. He offered to by the full boxes from the both, but was taken aback when they told him it would be $200 each box. He then tried to teach them a lesson in honesty, asking them to do the math and tell him what they really make per box. When the young men continued to inflate the figures, Da Baby opted to just buy one bag of candy from each. Afterwards he told them had they been honest, he would have gave them the extra money, but because they lied he wanted to teach them a lesson.

Some thought he should have helped the young men out. However many were on Da Baby’s side agreeing that the young boys were being greedy and that he is not required to give them money just because he’s rich.

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