Rapper DMX Oddly Being Called a “Sacrifice” Rapper Lil Nas X After Passing on His Birthday

Lil Nas X and DMX have dominated headlines in recent weeks. One was a rap icon who sadly passed away, while the other is a young star whose racy new video has got everyone talking. Seemingly having nothing in common, social media still found a way to combine these two headlines in a really dark twist that shines a light on people’s obsession with scary music industry conspiracies theories.

Rapper DMX had a very public battle with addiction. The Yonkers native has been candid throughout his career about his struggles and the different attempts he’s made to find peace. Unfortunately peace only came in the form of a final OD that eventually claimed his life. DMX was rushed to the hospital on April 3 where he remained unconscious and eventually slipped into a vegetative state before his family decided to take him off life support.

His passing has helped spotlight how the music industry tends to fail their artists after they are no longer “valuable”, and leave them struggling with different afflictions and no health insurance or financial support.

How this relates to Lil Nas X? Well the young star, who first found success with his tiktok smash “Old Town Road”, is currently in the middle of a successful single run with new song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”. The song’s success is due in large part to its accompanied video which shows Nas pole dance to hell before giving satan a lap dance. The video has obviously upset a lot of people who are not fans of its theme. The video and Nas’ astronomical rise in so few years has many feeling that the young star might of sold his soul to secure such a massive win. Its no different than those who believe artists like Beyonce and Jay-Z to be members of the Illuminati.

An account posted a screenshot of Lil Nas X birthday and captioned it “DMX was a sacrifice as he died on Lil Nas X bday. No such thing as chance.” Nas caught wind of this and reposted with the response “it genuinely scares me knowing how crazy you n*ggas are”. Fans continued to double down and lean into the idea that somehow someone decided DMX needed to be sacrificed so that Lil Nas X could twerk on satan. Welcome to 2021.

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