Rapper DMX Reveals ‘A Monster Was Born’ Inside Of Him at 14 After Mentor Tricked Him Into Doing ‘Crack’

Rapper DMX has been on the rebound, despite the state of the world currently. Over the years, DMX has struggled to rehab his public image. He famously became a Christian and has said that he starts off “every day with a prayer” in the past, and he’s delving even further into why in a recent interview.

He recently appeared on the “Ruff Ryders Chronicles” documentary on BET and he’s become a bit more candid about his battles, revealing that he has various personalities that have helped him all through his life.

In the clip, he’s asked the question if there were parts of himself that helped him cope, and he swiftly responds with “yes”, and continues to explain.  “They’re different things… There’s a few things, a few people in me and they get me through life,” the “Party Up” rapper shares.  The interviewer begins to press for more information, DMX responds with “I wouldn’t want anyone to know anything. I don’t talk about them. You already got me talking about them. Nope.”

However, his ex-wife Tashera Simmons gave a breakdown of the personalities in another segment.  “Earl,” she says, is the child that was there before his father left and his mother “didn’t know how to handle him.” “X is the angry persona that was created to “protect Earl.”

The final, “DMX,” is the entertainer that also protects “Earl” but is “much nicer.” The segment switches back to the rapper where he begins to tear up as he speaks on the various personalities. 

“They’re there to get me through life,” the emotional lyricist says.  “I don’t know if I made ’em or if God gave ’em to me, or maybe circumstances and situations did.” 

Appearing on suspended-from-Twitter rapper Talib Kweli’s podcast, DMX told an emotional recounting of how at 14, the innocent X was exposed to drugs by a trusted mentor in a terrible moment that he thinks defined the rest of his life.

“Everything in my life is blessed with a curse,” said DMX. “I didn’t smoke cigarettes, I didn’t smoke weed, I didn’t do anything, 14 years old.” X said started the story, saying he was with friend’s for a birthday at the time.

“He came back with a blunt rolled up. And as I’m counting the money, he passed the blunt.” DMX claims he turned it down, so it went around the circle as it should. When the rotation reached him again via his mentor named Ready Ron, X said he then changed his mind and took a hit, and apparently the blunt had crack cocaine inside of it. “I was no longer focused on the money. I’ve never felt like this. It just f***ed me up.”

DMX began to struggle with telling the rest of his story but Kweli held space for him and gave him a moment to compose himself, before he continued.

“Why would you do that to a child? He knew how I looked up to him. Why would you do that to somebody who looks up to you?”

After a deep breath, DMX plainly stated, “A monster was born. That monster was born.”

See the interview below.

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