Rapper Drake Accused Of Cheating and Manipulating Streaming & Radio To Make Billboard History, According to Charlamagne Tha God

Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God is not buying the hype around Drake’s latest accomplisment. The radio show host and the Canadian superstar have not seen eye to eye for years, and Drake’s recent billboard milestone is just the latest reason why.

In an interview with Andy Cohen back in 2018, Charlamagne admitted that he’d probably never have anything nice to say about Drake. At the time, the two has been believed to be on good terms. When Cohen asked “You two appeared to squash your beef back in 2016, but he threw another diss your way on his new album. What went wrong?”

Charlamagne’s response “I really don’t know, i think me and Drake will always have a love/hate relationship. It’s like Skip Bayless and LeBron James. Even though he’s great, I’ll never really have anything great to say about him.”

He’s definitely stuck by his word.

This week Drake dropped a 3-Pack of singles titled Scary Hours 2. The EP precedes his long awaiting Certified Lover Boy project expected to drop later this year. The project set a record for Drizzy since not only did all three tracks debut on the Hot 100, but they did so at the top 3 spots.

Charlamagne was forced to eat his words when covering the story on his morning show. He famously said he felt like Drake’s reign was over, and that we were no longer in a “Drake-era” during a past episode of his podcast.

Speaking on the record breaking debut, he decided to continue to doubt the superstar, accusing him of cheating and possibly stealing the top 3 spots.

“I have three thoughts. First off, congrats to Drake. That is an incredible feat,” said the radio host. “I asked a question a few months ago and the question was simply, ‘are we still in a Drake era?’ When you’re #1, #2, and #3 on the charts, I think that answers your question. When it comes to streaming and radio, he’s still the guy. That top 3 might not reflect what’s happening in the clubs or with a slightly younger demo but he’s still the guy with regards to radio and streaming.”

He continued, “Streaming and radio manipulates the game in ways we’ve never seen but we’ll forget all that. The pressure is really on for Drake right now. Because the three-pack is dope and I like the energy of the three-pack.”

“The pressure is on because with Certified Lover Boy, I’m expecting an undeniable body of work. When I think of the greats like the Hov’s and the Nas’ and the Lil Wayne’s, these guys were giving us classics much later in their career. Whether it’s The BlueprintIllmatic, or Tha Carter III, I’m expecting that level of project from Drake at this point in his career.”

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