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‘I Can’t Go To Jail Yet’: Rapper Drake Slammed After Video Of Rapper Kissing 17-Year-Old Girl During Concert Resurfaces

Over the years, Drake has managed to dodge a number of rumors about his relationships, except for the rumor that he was about to have a child – and he did. When you’re one of the globe’s biggest music stars, women on the road are par for the course. You’re always responsible for your own actions – especially when it comes to young fans.

Drake’s seeing that first-hand, thanks to resurfaced clips and a newer revelation about another fellow musician he used to date.

In a new song, rapper Drake reveals to many for the first time, and seemingly without her permission, that he’d previously dated SZA. While Drake’s success of course gives him access to a bevy of personalities, it seems he’s always having issues with women he dates and mentions in songs.

After Drake’s latest feature on rapper 21 Savage’s new record “Mr Right Now” was released, fans noticed a line in which he says “Yeah, said she wanna f–k to some SZA, wait. Cause I used to date SZA back in ’08.” Unaware of this info, people also began to try to extrapolate SZA’s age at the time, which would have been around 17-18 – and people started to wonder about the nature of their relationship that Drake rapped about.

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Luckily, the furor didn’t last long as SZA took to Twitter to release a statement, confirming the relationship but also clearing up that there were no improprieties around her age – as she said it was “completely innocent,” and that it also happened “lifetimes ago.”

However, it did recall some similar rumors that popped up about another young celebrity that Drake had become friends with, a fact that made some people uncomfortable. Star of Netflix’s Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown was interviewed on the red carpet at the 2018 Emmy Awards and spoke on her closeness to the platinum rapper.

“I love him. I met him in Australia and he’s honestly a great friend and a great role model. You know we text. We just texted each other the other day and he was like ‘I miss you so much,’ and I was like ‘I miss you more,’ he’s great. He’s coming to Atlanta, so I’m definitely going to go and see him. I’m so excited,” she gushed. When she was asked what they chat about she responded, “About boys, he helps me. He’s great, he’s wonderful, I love him.”

Drake also faced some stiff allegations of similar behavior with a 17-year old girl during one of his concerts in Ogden, UT, where he brought the young girl onto the stage before asking her age.

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In the 2010 clip, Drake (then 23) dances slowly with the girl, then kisses her neck and tells her how nice her hair smells. He then backs up, admits he is getting carried away and asks the girl how old she is, and she replies, “17.”

“I can’t go to jail yet, man! Why do you look like that? You thick [curvaceous]. Look at all this. I don’t know if I should feel guilty or not, but I had fun. I like the way your breasts feel against my chest,” the rapper then says to the girl before kissing her again and she’s escorted off stage.

Even though the age of consent is 17 in Colorado, some think Drake’s actions continue to ride a fine line.

See the clip below.

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