Rapper Drake’s Sleeps On $400,000 Mattress Made From Horsehair and Stingray Skin – See Photo

Queen Beyonce once said, “If you got it, flaunt it.” While she may have been talking about her body in the song “Check Up On It”, that could easily be applied to wealth. As we have seen with many celebrities of her status, their success shows not only by album or single sales, but also the lifestyle they live. Hip-Hop superstar Drake is one as well who as we’ve seen from his success wants for nothing. He raps in his verse on the 2 Chainz song “Big Amount” that he’s “got the money and I never show it,” and while he may not flaunt the cash flow, the money shows in other ways and is evident.

Drake’s reign in music is a historical one that won’t seem to let up any time soon. From studio albums to mixtapes that have all hit #1, to even the singles, Drake is unstoppable. The 2018 double-disc album Scorpion became the first album to reach 1 billion streams across all streaming platforms globally within the first week of its release, according to a report from Billboard. Fans continue to await the release of his upcoming album Certified Lover Boy.

In 2020, Forbes reported that the “Toosie Slide” rapper was the 25th highest-paid celebrity of the year with a net worth of over $150 million. With that, who wouldn’t be shy of being a bit of a big spender? Drake made news when he was one of the few that purchased the Nike Air Max 97 “Jesus Shoes” worth $1,425 per pair, which sold out in minutes. The specialty sneakers created by the company MSCHF (who are also responsible for the “Satan shoes” that Lil Nas X endorsed) reportedly are scented with frankincense and also filled with “Hoky Water” from the River Jordan.

Drake also revealed where he calls home in Toronto in a palatial 44-foot high, 50,000 square foot mansion. The rapper invited Architectual Digest into his home for a detailed tour, which included an NBA regulation-size indoor basketball court that has a 21-square-foot pyramidal skylight overlooking it.

The mansion, or “The Embassy” as he appropriately calls it, is reportedly worth $100 million. “Because I was building it in my hometown, I wanted the structure to stand firm for 100 years. I wanted it to have a monumental scale and feel,” Drake said of the palace he started to build in 2016. “It will be one of the things I leave behind, so it had to be timeless and strong.”

Elsewhere he adds of the mansion’s design, “It’s overwhelming high luxury. That message is delivered through the size of the rooms and the materials and details of the floors and the ceilings. I wanted to make sure people can see the work I’ve put in over the years reflected from every vantage point.”

Inside the mansion is his 3,200 square-foot master bedroom, which he described as his favorite spot in the house. “The bedroom is where I come to decompress from the world at the end of the night and where I open my eyes to seize the day,” explained Drake. “The bed lets you float, the shower lets you escape and gather your thoughts, and the closet makes you want to talk to yourself while you’re getting dressed.”

With all of the luxurious amenities that the mansion has to offer along with everything else that comes along with being Drake, it’s no surprise that he would go all out in the expenses to sleep comfortably. It was recently revealed by Akademiks that the rapper dropped $400k on the mattress alone.

You read that correctly. $400,000 on the mattress alone.

Ak’s post claims that the mattress is “made out of horsehair and stingray skin”, which has been confirmed to be called the “Grand Vividus”. Ferris Rafauli, who also designed the mansion, collaborated with the 168-year-old Swedish company Hastens for the project, according to a report from Business Insider.

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