Rapper Eminem Is Being Cancelled In 2021 By Teenagers On TikTok For ‘Disturbing’ Lyrics From His 2010 Song ‘Love The Way You Lie’ With Rihanna

In a world where tables finally start to turn, more and more entertainers from years ago are starting to feel the burn from retroactive statements. The latest to receive the flames of social media… once again, is rapper Eminem. 

Over the last few years, cancel culture has become a thing.  While there are sometimes that cancel culture has become necessary in helping to get some extremely problematic celebrities out of here, there are times where it has been weaponized. 

One of the biggest rappers in Hip-hop, Eminem, is one of the latest to catch the retroactive cancel wave, although for nothing recent.  The rapper has never hid from being controversial, yet in a time where Eminem has been relatively silent and hasn’t caused any issues, some folks that have been born during the “Gen Z” era found it appropriate for him to be cancelled… years after the feel like he has offended them.

Some TikTok users have found ought with the rapper after one individual found his lyrics on his eleven-year-old single “Love The Way You Lie” to be problematic.  The lyrics in question from Eminem on the song say, “If she ever tries to f****g leave again/Imma tie her to the bed and set this house on fire.”  Soon after, other “Gen’ Z’ers” began to agree.

“To everyone that is canceling him I literally love u,” wrote a TikTok user.  Another on Twitter wrote, “Eminem is such a bad influence on everyone, how does anyone listen to that old man ranting???”  They added, “It is unexplainable to me, he needs to be cancelled for all the bad bad things he said.”


to everyone that is canceling him I literally love u😁

♬ love the way you lie – sam

Another social media user stated that an artist like rapper Eminem should never have been given the platform to achieve notoriety.  “Eminem should have never been famous in the first place. He built his career degrading his mother, threatening Kim’s life, and promoting domestic violence/kidnapping,” they wrote.

But others who are aware of his controversial bars in his lyrics are offering the rapper a pass.  “Gen Z really trying to cancel Eminem? Stop. You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into,” one user wrote on Twitter.  Another wrote, “I DARE Gen Z to try and cancel Eminem. I’ve got the popcorn ready.”

One of the “Stan” supporters chose to highlight the good in the rapper’s messages.  “There Is actually a lot of messages In his music examples,” they wrote before beginning to highlight some of the rapper’s hits. “Lose yourself, mockingbird, Arose, Beautiful, Beautiful pain, stan, walk on water, Lighters, and guts over fear, A few songs with good messages In them.”

Check out a few more user interactions below.

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