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Rapper Fat Joe Sparks Heated Debate After Labeling Rapper Drake “The Michael Jackson Of This Time” Says Everything He Does Goes Number One

Fat Joe’s gotten another hustle during the pandemic and it’s been mostly him interviewing people he knows while they chat about their various careers and swap stories. He’s minted himself as a relatable interviewer, if not at times controversial for his and his guests takes. Now comes another moment of ire mixed with a batch of good news for the “Lean Back” rapper.

Fat Joe was just in the trending sections of social media for one of his interviews that included some remarks on the King of Pop. While Joe was interviewing the self-styled “King of R&B” Bobby Brown, the conversation took a turn when Brown claimed that he taught MJ how to “moonwalk,” his famous dance that sealed his status as an elite entertainer.

Though Brown has made the claim before, it’s resurfaced due to his appearance on rapper Fat Joe’s Instagram Live discussion series. Sitting for a chat with Joe, Bobby Brown once again made the claim that he was responsible for teaching MJ the dance – and also that the members of New Edition that were there can co-sign his story.

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“Michael asked me, ‘show him how to Moonwalk’, true story, you can ask Michael Bivins, Ronnie Devoe, Ralph Tresvant…” Brown said before Fat Joe excitedly cuts him off. “Are you insinuating that you taught Michael Jackson how to Moonwalk?” Joe asks incredulously.

“I’m not insinuating, I’m letting you know, that this is what happened. This is how the Moonwalk was formed,” before Joe screams. Brown then says that Michael Jackson perfected the dance, but that he taught him how to do it.

Joe also has been talking about his own decades long career in hip-hop, sharing how he and Jay Z squashed their beef and decided to work together, with Joe passing up a Drake feature because of Jay Z wanting sole billing.

Now, Joe’s heaping praise upon his fellow hitmaker Drake, comparing Drake to Michael Jackson in terms of his legendary status in the music industry.

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“Drake is possibly the hardest person to get in touch with and let’s be clear, every song he does goes No. 1 and he’s just like, the Michael Jackson of this time,” Fat Joe said while talking to Rick Ross over Instagram Live recently. Ross also told Fat Joe during the interview that he nurtured Drake during his early years in hip-hop.

“What is your true relationship with Drake, he LOVES you, man?!” said Fat Joe to the “Aston Martin Music” rapper. “The love is genuine and it’s been like that for close to a decade now,” said Rick Ross in return about his relationship with Drake.

The numbers for Joe’s interviews on his own Instagram Live have been great enough to draw some interest. Fat Joe seems to be enjoying his time in the interviewer chair so much it’s fitting that it’s also been announced that he’ll be taking his talents from Instagram to the small screen.

Billboard is exclusively reporting that Fat Joe’s signed up with REVOLT TV for The Fat Joe Show, where he’ll continue to interview artists and now include political figures and even athletes. The show will be airing every Tuesday at 10:00 PM EST.

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See the clip below.

Fans responded in disagreement with Fat Joe’s statement:

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