Rapper Future, Father of Six, Claims He Has Five Wives

Rapper Future has a span of hits bigger than most that he’s amassed throughout his career.  The “Life Is Good” rapper has accomplished much in his life, including being the father to 6 children (he claims/knows about), albeit with 6 different women.  Although Future has made headlines for his music, his personal life often takes center stage as his baby mama drama often threatens to take center stage.

It is known that Future is the father to children from Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, singer Ciara, Joie Chavis, and an unidentified woman.  However, in August of 2019 another woman by the name of Eliza Seraphin, aka Eliza Reign, came forward with claims that she too was one of the mothers of his children.  

Eliza gave birth to a daughter, Reign Wilburn, in April of 2019.  Afterward, the two became embroiled in a paternity battle, in which was revealed in court by the Atlanta rapper that they admittedly were involved between 2016-2018, as reported by The Blast.  After a court hearing where Eliza reportedly secured a victory in the case, she wrote “The truth always outweighs the lies,” on Instagram along with a picture of herself smiling to her phone.

The two would only escalate their battle with a social media back and forth ensuing.  Reign, who on multiple occasions called the rapper a “deadbeat”, took to her Instagram Story to further blast Future for neglect.  Stating that she’s had all of the material things “before y’all favorite rapper came along” as well as “peace of mind”, despite all she’s lost she’s been able to maintain it all.  “So to answer y’all question, NO I don’t need him to take care of me, I need him to take care of his child,” she wrote.

She then in another slide brings up another woman who alleged after her that she too, was Future’s baby’s mother.  “So since My baby deserves the mistreatment since I’m [a] ‘clout chasing ig model’ ask him why he did the same exact thing to Cindy?” she added.  “He’s clearly the problem.  Not the kids or the mothers.  He goes around making promises and babies, then disrespects you and disappears.”

Future offered up a response that had many tongues wagging on social media, wondering if he was in fact being literal or, respectfully referring to the mothers of his children that he acknowledges.  “I have 5 wives by the way. Love them all to death,” claimed Future on Instagram.  

The other woman in question, Cindy Renae Parker, filed documents in Texas that claim Future to be the father of her son, Legend Ary Wilburn.  A clip of the rapper in the studio shortly after the news surfaced went viral, where he can be heard saying in the song, “I don’t know her name, but she had my child.” Future has since been linked to Lori Harvey and IG model Dess Dior.

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