Rapper Future Recalls ‘Smashing’ Woman In ‘Gucci Flip Flops’, Fans Believe It’s Scootie Pippen’s Wife, Larsa Pippen

Often, artists include lyrics in their songs that may be a true-to-life situation, leaving their fans and Internet sleuths to go off and figure out who they may be referring to. Remember when Usher gave us his “Confessions”? Fans immediately rushed to figure out more information than what the R&B had already shared (years later it would be discovered that the song was written about a situation in Jermaine Dupri’s life). The unforgettable outro of Beyonce’s “Sorry” contained a directive for her lover to “Call Becky With The Good Hair” while she did her “grown woman things”, which sent everyone on a mission to find the woman who the leader of the Beyhive was referring to.

Then there’s Future, the Atlanta rapper whose third album Dirty Sprite 2 (DS2), contained a lyric that would forever remain a Hip-Hop quotable. “I just f****d your b****h in some Gucci flip flops,” opens the first song on the album, “Thought It Was A Drought”. Immediately grabbed by the song’s opening line, memes began to overload the Internet of the Future lyric and various social media influencers with their depictions.

Years later, Future would recall the moment that helped to create the song while speaking to producer Metro Boomin’ in his Apple Music documentary, The WIZRD. “I remember really having some Gucci flip flops on and I was, g*dd*mn, I was, you know what I mean? I was smashing a b***h at the penthouse right by the door with my Gucci flip flops on,” the rapper can be heard saying around 28 minutes within the documentary.

 The documentary, which came out in 2019, came years late as fans had already begun to speculate on who he was speaking about in the song. Coincidentally it was being reported that Future had begun dating Larsa Pippen, who was freshly divorcing her ex-husband and Chicago Bulls legend, Scottie Pippen.

Through all the memes that the Internet relentlessly posted from the original TMZ story, Larsa at the time denied any romance between the two. Pippen was also reported to have also been following along Future as his “VIP guest” when he coheadlined the Summer Sixteen Tour with Drake.

According to TMZ, sources from both Larsa and Scottie’s teams claim that she was cozied up with the rapper at a Miami nightclub, and many other places as she had been traveling with him on private jets.

Larsa Pippen would later appear on Hollywood Unlocked to speak on the scandal that surrounded herself and NBA star Malik Beasley, where she would get a chance to address the brief romance between herself and the rapper. “People made more of it than it was,” Pippen said.

“Thought It Was A Drought” may not have been about Pippen, but another song “Rent Money” very well could have been. Some lyrics in the song include “I did it by mistake, it wasn’t on purpose, end up f*****g your wife.”

That was stupid of him ’cause it was not that. He was delusional,” she said in the interview. “It was not that. It was never that.”  She also spoke on the relationship she and Future shared, and what made her enter into one with him.

“It was like, I was really sad, I was in a point in my life when I was really sad,” she explained. “I was dealing with, ‘Do I move on, do I not, are my kids going to be okay?’ It was a lot of guilt that I felt and he was the guy that was there to see me go through it and he was the guy that I would talk to when I was kinda like, dealing with things. He gave me confidence when I was feeling in a dark place.”

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