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Rapper Future’s 17-Year-Old Son, Jakobi Wilburn Suggest Father Is “Deadbeat Dad” After Sharing Post From Dwight Howard’s Son

You win some, you lose some”…as John Witherspoon famously waxed as “Pops” in the gut-busting Friday trilogy. NBA veteran big man Dwight Howard came off the bench to help the Los Angeles Lakers win their 17thchampionship in franchise history under the League’s “improvised bubble” playoff schedule.  His shine would be prematurely eclipsed by a damning accusation from his 12-year-old son, Braylon Howard.

The younger Howard would call foul via Instagram in a story post that read, “My Dad ain’t a real dad. He don’t even talk to me and he know I’m sad and need him. I’m almost 13 so I can talk now.”

Future’s 17-year-old son, Jakobi, would repost Braylon’s story leading many to believe that it was a shared experience and sentiment.

Future is rumored to have a minimum of eight children, notably fathered with Joie Chavis, Jessica Smith, Ciara, and Eliza Reign, who don’t fully comprise the list of women who’ve borne his offspring. 

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He’s been the recipient of multiple paternity suits and child support claims. The most of recent of which came from Ms. Reign, who alleged that the “Mask Off” rapper went ballistic at her refusal to abort the pregnancy. She recounts the ordeal as an extremely tense time during which his associates would visit her job and call to harass her. At one point she got an ominous warning via telephone, “Be careful. I heard Future want yo head.”

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Jakobi’s mother, Jessica Smith was the first to engage Future in legal proceedings some years ago, back in 2013. Perhaps his quotation of Braylon Howard’s message was reinforcement of the greater truths of his mother’s litigation. 

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Neglect comes in many forms. And one may fear for the development of two boys on the precipice of adulthood without paternal affirmation. Jakobi, an aspiring rapper and fashion entrepreneur himself, spent a few days in custody and was reported to have noted gang affiliations in court records.

Despite the success of the two larger than life celebrities, the fruit of their romantic escapades has proven bitter, with a number of sons and daughters left in their wake without the presence of their biological father figure.  It takes a village to raise a child, but chief among them, particularly for budding young men, is dad; an office and title of the utmost importance. 

While it is critical not to invest too much energy on allegations that cannot be confirmed or denied with conclusive proof, the fact that even such an accusation has been forwarded by someone so young and potentially devoid of the sly deviance prevalent with more cunning adults, is cause enough for these men to get engaged and appeal to the scratches of their children before they metastasize into wounds.

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