Rapper Gucci Mane Claims He Feels Like A First Time Father With Newborn, Despite Having A Teenage Son Because Him and The Mother Were Strangers”

Rapper Gucci Mane has made a complete 180 with his life. The once troubled MC from Atlanta has become the spokesperson for changing your life. His drastic body transformation, business endeavors and marriage to model and health influences  Keyshia Ka’Oir have helped rehabilitate his branding. His new life has come complete with a new baby as well, the first he and Keyshia share together. Ice Davis was born a couple days before Christmas last year, and has been making Gucci feel like a brand new dad, despite already having a teenage son in the world.

Gucci Mane reportedly was unaware of his first born until the child was about 1 years old. “Me and the mother were kind of like strangers,” he said. “I never knew how much attention you got to pay to a baby. It’s not easy.” The young man’s name is Keitheon and he is autistic. Gucci talks about him in his 2017 book The Autobiography of Gucci Mane. In it he explains “I know what you’re thinking. What son? Truth is I didn’t know him all that well either. I’d only learned I had a child a year before. He was already 10 months old.” he continued “A girl I used to see had a baby and people were saying it looked like me. I hadn’t even known she was pregnant. I reached out and asked her if it was mine. She was unsure. I took a blood test and sure enough, I was the father of the little boy.”

Gucci and the mother of his son, Sheena Evans, were embroiled in a legal battle surrounding child support for years.  A report from The Blast claims that Evans began to pursue an increase from the initial $2,026 per month that she had been receiving, requesting $20,000 instead.  Evans claimed she had been struggling and living off of government assistance while the rapper lived a more extravagant lifestyle.  

“Here we have a minor child whose father is a multi-millionaire—mom lives in Section 8 housing,” Evans’ attorney said during a court hearing.  ”Mom is on government assistance. There is food stamps that have to be utilized. The child is on Medicaid.”  They also stated that Gucci refused to pay her attorney fees, despite being ordered by the court to do so.  Evans also brought up Mane’s $1.7 million wedding and its 10-part BET special surrounding the event.  

While his first go at parenthood was not ideal, Gucci is looking at baby Ice as a second chance to get it right. “It’s a great thing and I love it, but it’s definitely challenging to be a parent.” Gucci’s music will reflect the changes in his life, especially becoming a dad for the second time. “I always want my music to talk about what was going on in my life, and the most important thing in my life now is my son.”

Keyshia, who has 3 children from a previous relationship, stated “For maybe the first four weeks, [Gucci] put him to sleep every night on his chest by himself. He’s a great dad.”

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