Rapper Jim Jones Ready To ‘Put Hands’ On 50 Cent After Rapper Accuses Him Of Being A ‘Snitch’ Tells Him To Pick The Spot

Social media can be a great place where people connect, share, and entertain amongst other things.  Social media can also be a battleground, where negativity can run rampant and unnecessary drama can build and fester.  It is a place where trolls continuously get fed, and misery finds the company it so desires.  Some people take it lightly and keep it pushing, and others choose to escalate it to another level.

There’s not a person on earth that seems to be able to be excluded from 50 Cent’s pettiness.  For what seems like forever, he’s been embroiled in battles with everyone from Ja Rule, to T.I., to Tank, to Wendy Williams.  The list goes on and on.  One of 50’s long standing battles has been with fellow New York rapper and Dipset member, Jim Jones.  

The beef between the two founding members of their own collectives, (50 being the founder of G-unit) began when 50 Cent accused Jim Jones of being an informant in 6ix9ine’s case. The beef continued when Jones posted a photo of himself on Instagram celebrating his fitness achievements in a selfie, which prompted 50 to come commenting and trolling.  Initially, the “Ballin’” rapper offered no response 50’s way, until about a week later when 50, real name Curtis Jackson, stepped over the line for Jones.

In a post dedicated to his “wifey” Chrissy Lampkin for her birthday uploaded to his Instagram, Jones wrote, “Before we go any further I must say happy birthday to my world my queen my Ryder my hitter my partner my best friend my rock my love it’s been us against th world and it’s gone stay us against th world let ur light shine bright for th world to see cause ur energy only comes around once in a lifetime love u boo lol.”

In true 50 fashion, the “Many Men” rapper reposted it on his own Instagram page, mocking the Dipset general’s heartfelt message, before taking it down.  However, not before Jones caught wind of the rapper’s actions.  Not being able to respond in a timely manner because he was busy celebrating with his Love and Hip Hop: New York starring “wifey” on vacation, he came back to social media to address the Power star.  

“Somebody tell 50 get the strap, n***a, I’m on the way home,” Jones said while laughing in the clip.  He captioned it choosing to address the rapper as well, “Sombody tell @50cent I appreciate all th free publicity but if he don’t stop this is gonna go on forever lol ps I don’t know how I feel about u keep posting another grown man on ur page this like th 3rd time u posted me lol chill I ain’t like tht lol,” he said. 

Choosing not to stop there, he posted another picture on Instagram, letting 50 know that they could take it off of social media.  “Sombody tell @50cent we can shoot th fair one when ever he ready we can do it on 42st or or south side if they still let u ride through there lol,” Jones stated.

Jones just might be serious, as he appeared on The Angie Martinez Show and continued to press Fif to fight.  “50, let’s shoot a fair one for some money, and let’s show these dudes how to do it, man. Let’s set it up, bro. Get Mayweather. He just got 3 trillion dollars. Tell Mayweather to throw us some money — 4 or 5 million apiece,” Jones said.

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