Rapper Lil Nas X Reveals His New ‘Set Of Twins’ Done By Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr. Miami

Has rapper Lil Nas X gone ahead to make some MAJOR changes to his look, or is he just trolling? It’s 2021 and literally anything is possible nowadays, and the “Old Town Road” rapper is coming forward in a bold and daring way.

Already carrying the accolade of having the fastest song to achieve diamond status by the RIAA and also being the highest certified single ever by the same organization (fourteen times platinum), Nas is ready to bring his next single to the forefront.  His next effort, “Call Me By Your Name”, does not have an official release date yet, but he’s taking the steps to promote it already while gearing his fans up for what could possibly be his next big hit.

Not too long ago, Nas X shared a conversation with Rihanna where she expressed how much she liked his new single.  “I heard a clip of your new song the other day,” she says in the clip to her newest Fenty Skin model.  “Banging…I’m not just saying that, honest to God, I’m not just saying that… I’m so glad because you came so strong in the beginning. That gets tricky, like, where do you go next? But you’re killing it, I’m happy for you.”

The major promotional moves continue to happen for the “Panini” rapper, whose upcoming single was included in a Super Bowl ad for Logitech. That might not have been enough for the rapper, who took to Twitter to share that he “got bored” so he made a life changing purchase.

“I bought [breasts],” wrote Lil Nas X along with a picture showing a bustier version of the rapper.  “What you guys think?”  Social media was shook after his post, but he took it up a notch where he posted a TikTok video with the screenshot from Twitter, and he comes into frame looking apprehensive.  He then rips his jacket open exposing the new breasts underneath a shirt.

While fans already are confused as to whether he actually got a procedure done or not, famed plastic surgeon Dr. Miami sent out a tweet. “I enjoyed having you at the office! Can’t wait for your follow up,” he said.

This is not the first time that the rapper has shared a picture with himself donning breasts.  To celebrate Halloween last year, Lil Nas X shook the internet with his recreation of Nicki Minaj’s look from her 2011 music video “Super Bass”.  His decision, however, brought on a lot of mixed reactions.  His fans praised him for his innovation and bravery, while others including 50 Cent and Dave East, brought down homophobic comments toward the rapper.

Lil Nas X shortly went to Twitter to send a message to everyone pertaining to his choice.  “Bro i don’t bother a soul in this industry. all i do is tweet and make bangers. leave me alone damn,” he said.

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