Rapper Lil Yachty Claims Being Completely Broke With Probably $70 To His Name and Living With His Mom, Only Five Years Ago

Lil Yachty does not seem to be doing so bad these days. The 23 year old rapper has hit records, a grammy nomination and a “How High” sequel to his name. Its been quite a journey for the ATL MC who only had $70 bucks to his name 5 years ago.

The “Broccoli” hitmaker recently gifted Kodak Black $50,000 as a welcome home gift. As you recall, Black was pardoned recently by president Trump, and Yachty’s generous donation was a powerful display of friendship and support from one successful rapper to the next.

He posted a video of the exchange. “Welcome home Yak” he captioned the clip on his instagram. “I got something for you,” said Yachty in the flick. “That’s that welcome home gift. A good 50-piece for him.” 

“Most def,” Kodak said. “You know I appreciate it.”

In October he flaunted his money again, dropping $20,000 on sneakers with CoolKicks. In a video pretended by Triller, Yachty was showed coping a handful of rare Nike SB Dunks. @Styledby_Ry was featured in the video as well and mentioned it was a sequel clip, alluding that Yachty dropped a similar amount on high end sneakers the year prior. “You see it,” proclaimed the rapper while showing off his sneakers.

This was all a far-cry from what his life was like in 2015. Posting to his twitter, Yachty shared a flashback from his time standing in a Yeezy show. Wearing an oversized pinked crewneck sweater and his signature red braids, he confessed to only having $70 dollars in his pocket at the time and flying to New York on a buddy pass to participate in the show.

“Today 5 years ago I stood in the yeezy show… I was still living with my mom and flew on a buddy pass to New York with probably $70 bucks to my name.. but I was mad excited and I feel like my life changed from this day on. My mom and friends cheered me on via text. Thanks Ian.<3” he captioned the photo.

Its safe to say he’s got more than $70 bucks in his pocket these days.

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