Rapper MC Kevin Dead After Jumping Off Balcony To Hide From Wife After Engaging In Three-some In Fear Of Being Caught

Til Death do us part took on a nasty twist in the case of Brazilian Rapper MC Kevin. The bubbling rapper with over 10 million followers saw his life cut short recently after a threesome went terribly terribly wrong. The story quickly spread across social media with so many people pointing out how crazy and ironic the events leading up to his final days were.

Born Kevin Nascimento Bueno on April 29th 1998, he was a native of São Paulo and singer of Brazilian Funk Music. The singer was best known for hits records “O Menino Encantou a Quebrada”,  “Trojan Horse”, “Pra Inveja é Tchau” and “Veracruz”. In addition to his solo songs, Kevin also has a list of collaborative hits with São Paulo funk acts like MC Davi , MC Hariel , Kevinho , MC Pedrinho , MC Don Juan , Salvador da Rima , MC Ryan SP , among several others.

MC Kevin was staying in Rio de Janeiro for a performance at the club Mansão Imperador, located in Madureira in the North Zone of the city. At the local event known as Baile do Imperador , the “funkeiro” held his last show accompanied by his wife Deolane Bezerra in the early hours of May 16 2021.

The pair wed on April 29, 2021 in a ceremony in Tulum, Mexico. They lived together in Mogi das Cruzes, in Greater São Paulo. Bezerra is a criminal lawyer.

Only a few weeks after their marriage, MC Kevin decided to step out on his wife. He and friend Victor Elias Fontenelle met model Bianca Domingues on the beach boardwalk earlier that day. According to Globo, the invited Domingues back to their suite where the three began to have a threesome. Kevin became alarmed by a knock at the door believing his wife had discovered them. In an attempt to get away, he jumped off the balcony to get to another balcony around 7 p.m. Unfortunately he did not reach the other balcony and fell 5 stories to his death.

Despite the insane circumstances, his wife still posted a heartfelt message to her lost husband. “You left and took a piece of me with you,” she said in a translation of her post. “You were always so incredible… It’s not fair for you to leave like this. It’s not. It’s not.”

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