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Rapper Megan Thee Stallion Accused Of Letting MEN Write Her Raps, Female Rap Account Reveals Writer Of Rappers Song ’Savage’

Unless you live under a rock, you know about Megan Thee Stallion. The 5’10” Houston, Texas native has been making heads turn and heads bob to her brand of rapid-fire, southern-inflected flow for the last three years. Her songs have been streamed over 1 Billion times on Spotify alone. 

Megan gained notoriety from a freestyling in underground cyphers while a college student at Prairie View A&M University back in 2013. She would grow her fan base by recording herself dropping bars on Instagram, which ultimately led to an opportunity to drop a mixtape, Rich Ratchet, in 2016 with the lead single, Like A Stallion, produced by TA. And the Stallion has been running ever since; releasing albums Make It Hot, Tina Snow, Fever, and Suga to acclaim and mass appeal.

Her latest splash is the summer slip-and-slide collaboration with Cardi B“WAP”, a well-lubricated jam that’s more than saturated eardrums having been watched on YouTube more than 98 million times in slightly over a week. That’s ‘break the internet’ numbers – no cap..

Such a rapid ascent rarely comes without its detractors, however. Rumors have been circulating that Thee Stallion’s rhyme-writing prowess is the product of other uncredited personas. Meg has addressed this speculative line on numerous occasions, adamantly stating, “I love the fact that I have a voice, and I love the fact that I do inspire a lot of girls, and I didn’t realize it at first. I was just being me. “Some of the things I say, I realized that some women might really wanna say them. So I just keep all of these things in the back of my mind when I’m writing. I’m not gon’ say I feel pressure, but sometimes I will get a little tingly because I just want to put out the best music for my fans as possible. I don’t like to disappoint them. So when I’m recording, I’m super hard on myself. I’m just always like, Okay, I need to go harder than that. I’ll write and rewrite a verse about eight times.”

During an interview on the Sway In the Morning show, she went further, “I think that writing is super important if you want to be that person known for your bars and known as an actual ‘rapper-rapper.’ If that’s something that’s important to you then, hell yeah, you need to be writing. But if you’re an entertainer and you’re somebody that’s just getting the party going, I don’t think it matters as long as the people are listening to it and they’re rocking with it. You’re just making feel-good music. So if it took ten of y’all to put the song together [and] the song came out live, that’s y’all business.” 

Most of this was in response to a claim by WolfTyla last year about receiving credits on the single “Simon Says.”TL;DR- Through a series of messages, social media posts, and revelatory documents, it did appear that WolfTyla did in fact write the chorus to the song and recorded a reference track for it prior to Megan being recommended to record the full song by fellow rapper-producer Juicy J

 Juicy J later claimed to have written the chorus himself but seeing that WolfTyla was actually credited, makes his claim seem like little more than a peacemaking gesture.

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Now Instagram account ‘femalerapgame’ is calling the rapper out, suggesting she let’s MEN help her write her raps. See the full post below.

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