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Rapper Megan Thee Stallion Addresses Tory Lanez Incident In New Freestyle

It’s clear that Megan Thee Stallion is trying to put the recent drama behind her and get back to her life, as she wants to live it. While some on the Internet continue to support her healing and recovery, some naysayers won’t rest until they see her sad. And she’s determined to not let them have what they want.

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It doesn’t seem as if Megan’s overly bothered with all the continued chatter about her injuries or otherwise. She’s still celebrating her latest #1 with Cardi B for their joint song “WAP,” which continues to break records and generate chatter across the world. Now that it seems she’s tightened her circle a bit, Megan gotten back to having fun with the ones that she seems to trust.

She recently posted a series of images on her Instagram chronicling her going golfing with some friends — and used the opportunity to show off more than her injuries.

“Throwin up the deuce and givin ni***s dab 🤘🏾,” wrote Megan as she flashed a pearly white smile and rocked a cute red bucket hat. Of course, in her signature style, Megan showed why she’s still called “Thee Stallion,” wearing a skintight two piece that clung tightly while she swung her clubs on the course. Fans reacted with smashing the “like” button, to the tune of over 1.5 million likes.

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Last week, rapper Ca$htalk antagonized Megan and came under fire for it. Ca$htalk’ levied criticisms against Megan after she said that he “never made it past the 9th grade” for the hateful comments he made about her. He clapped back again at Megan, hard.

Being upbeat while recovering from a traumatic injury is no easy feat, but Megan chalks up the ability to her grandmother’s advice – which she shared in the past with her followers. “My grandma always told me don’t let nobody steal your joy, so that’s the type of person I am. I’m never gon’ let nobody steal my joy.”

Megan’s showing just how resilient her joy is, posting a few posts that show her getting back to the business of music – and also twerking, her signature dance move.

Prior to boarding a private jet, Megan stops and twerks for the camera in her one-piece bodysuit, the twerk threatening to take over the fabric as it tries to contain everything being thrown at it. It seems as if her injuries are starting to heal enough to support the weight of twerking, if nothing else, while her now platinum song “Captain Hook” plays.

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She then posted another clip – perhaps previously recorded. Popping up at Dallas’ K104 radio station, Megan’s clip featured her freestyling over the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa” beat. No pauses, no skips and no delays.

While good times are still here, it seems as if Megan’s not lost the whole point that got her here – the rapping. Her caption on the post read, “I’m ready to go back outside and rap.”

See the freestyle clip below.

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