Rapper Plies Wants There To Be A Law Created Against Black Women Wearing Bonnets Outside Of Their Home, Says It’s Suppose Be Used To Sleep

Not many rappers grab the attention from their followers like Plies.  The rapper often pops onto to his social media platforms with a hot take or opinion, gaining multiple reactions from fans.  You know never know what to expect coming from the rapper, but if you follow Plies you know that you’re in for some form of entertainment. 

The “Shawty” rapper is never shy of sharing his opinons to his followers.  At any given moment he may share his love for women in some way, such as his recent tweet that the “next President in America should be a female.” Then there are times that he gets a bit more on tnhe sexual side. 

As much as Plies loves the ladies, there’s a certain type of woman that he shared that he no longer wants to rock with.  The rapper seems to have a thing against women wearing bonnets.  

His issue with women wearing bonnets is not new, as he went on a rant about them in true “Who hurt you?” from back in 2019. “All the females that wear [MF] bonnets, them [MF] thangs on your [MF] head, I don’t want no more of your [expletive].  You can have it.  Give it to some…body else, but I don’t want no more of your mean a** [MF expletive]. “ 

Plies’s reason behind the rant?  He claims that they are too mean for “no apparent reason.”  “I don’t know what the f*** them bonnets do to y’all so [MF] mean,” he exclaims. “ Y’all favorite [MF] line: ‘You need to find you somebody to play with.’”  After a dramatic pause for the effect, Plies states that he doesn’t need to find anything of the sort.   

The rapper then boldly proclaims that as of that day, he would be retiring from having sexual relations with bonnet wearing women, or “bonnet [expletive]”.   However, those women that still wear silk scarves to protect their hair will not be excluded.  Plies then likens the “bonnet wearers” to the “angry school cafeteria lady.” 

It has been two years since his last confession on bonnets.  The Florida rapper, who also has been in the spotlight lately thanks to the removal of his “grillz”, took to Twitter on Thursday with another message for women who wear the protective hair apparel in public. 

“It Should Be A Law U Shouldn’t Be Able To Wear Bonnets No More Then 6 Feet OutsIde Your Residence,” the rapper tweeted. “They Wearing These MTFers In The Airport Like They A Louis Vuitton Bucket Hat!!!!! Ain’t In Y’all Business Ladies I Just Thought They Was Suppose To Be To Sleep In!!!” 

The rapper wasn’t done as he followed up with another tweet saying that “Bonnets Is The Female Du Rag!!!!!!”  Fans on Twitter and Instagram quickly reacted to the message, stirring up a debate on the matter. 

Which makes us ask, what are your thoughts? 

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