Rapper Snoop Dogg Dragged By Black Women After Telling Ari Lennox To Grow Her Own Hair While Trying On A Wig

Everybody’s favorite “Uncle Snoop” gets a lot of admiration from people, but there are those times that he comes off as the “drunk uncle”.  Social media has seen a time or two where Snoop has made a comment, particularly about black women, where he may have been pretty impassioned or worded it wrong.  He’s now coming under fire for speaking on Ari Lennox and her hair. 

Snoop Dogg has been known for his infectious songs and style over the years, but what also made him stand out was his long locs.  Snoop donned long hair for the majority, if not all of his career, be it straightened, in a fro, or curls.   

So when Snoop came forward and had something to say about Ari Lennox with her hair, or any woman’s hair for that matter.  Ari Lennox was on Instagram Live (as she normally does) and was trying to put a wig on, but was having some serious issues in doing so.   

Fans came on to live chat with her as she did so, and some made suggestions to let her know that she may need to get a wig cap.  “Where am I supposed to get a wig cap!” she responded to the fan who mentioned it, perhaps showing that she may not know much about wigs. 

The hilarious clip was captured by The Shade Room which garnered quite a lot of comments.  Included in the host of people who hopped in the comments to share their opinions was Uncle Snoop.  However, his comment gained him a lot of backlash as he had some criticism for Lennox.  “Grow your own hair what happened to those days,” he wrote alongside a shrugging emoji. 

Following his comments, multiple people – mainly women – replied firing off on the rapper.  “Does this Black man NOT know what protective styling is ??? Or the fact that just because ANY WOMAN black or whatever who wears a wig still has hair underneath they could also rock but CHOOSE NOT TO ??? Do better Snoop …he too old for this mindset,” commented an Instagram user.    

“Tell Unc to grow straight hair directly from his own follicles, WITHOUT A PERM OR PRESSING COMB. Then, sir, we can have a conversation. #GoodDaySir,” comments another.   

Another writes, “She literally has more hair on her head than both his daughter and wife combined. Simmer down uncle snoop.” 

Upon finding out that Snoop had some words for her, Lennox hopped back on to Instagram Live to praise and uplift Black women.  “Black women are the s**t,” the “Shea Butter Baby” singer exclaimed.  “We’re f*****g amazing, gorgeous beings and I think it’s amazing the versatility that we possess and I think it’s pretty telling because there’s so many cultures and it’s just different ethnicities that are inspired by us.” 

This is not the first time the rapper has had something to say about Black women, as he has posted a meme before to make fun of Black women’s hair, and came under fire for cursing out Gayle King following her interview with Lisa Leslie on Kobe Bryant.   

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