Friday, September 24, 2021

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Rapper Snoop Dogg In Need Of Prayers, Rapper Shares Sweet Image Of Mother Asking For Prayers With Limited Details On Her Current Condition

Uncle Snoop needs our prayers right now. Rapper Snoop Dogg has been a source of joy and optimism to everyone for the better part of his career. The hip-hop legend has often used humor in his music, films and various other projects. It’s rare we see a sadder or more serious side to him, but it looks like things are a little hard for the West Coast icon right now. He recently took to his social media to ask for prayers for his mother.

Beverly Broadus Green is an author and evangelist who was born Beverly Tate in McComb, Mississippi, in 1951. Beverly’s books include Real Love (2012), and Real Love II: The Story of an Extraordinary Woman (2014). She is the mother of Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr., also known as the American rapper/hip hop artist Snoop Dogg.  Snoop Dogg’s father, Vernall Varnado, born December 13, 1949, in Magnolia, Mississippi, was a Vietnam veteran, singer, and mail carrier who was frequently absent from his life.  She has four sons total including Snoop.

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She’s been a lifelong resident of Long Beach, California, she spent 42 years as a church choir director, she was the loving wife to Howard Green before he died in 2005 and before retirement she earned a living as a head chef.

Yesterday, Snoop took to IG to ask fans for their positive thoughts and prayer for his mother, though he was not clear on what exactly was going on with her. “Sending special prayers out for my mom this morning y’all pray for her and me,” he captioned the post with a lovely picture of his mother. Immediately fans rushed in with love and positive comments. Snoop thanked them in a separate post.

“Thank y’all for all your prayers,” he said in a brief video update. “Gotta stay strong, keep pushing on,” he continued. “They say God don’t put nothing on your shoulders you can’t handle. I’m being tested right now, ya’ll. Make sure ya’ll pray for me and my family.” Several famous friends also chimed in with messages of support and love.

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