Rapper T.I. Accused Of Plotting & Hiring Henchman To Throw Sabrina Peterson Off Side Of Building For $25,000

Just when you thought the saga between Sabrina Peterson and her former friends, The Harrises (rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny Harris) was ending, it seems to be getting worse. Peterson is the reason behind the scandal that has rocked the Harris household as she exposed their alleged transgressions at the top of 2021. If they thought that she would keep silent or that that would be the end, they are sadly mistaken. Peterson doesn’t seem ready to give up her fight just yet, as she’s ready for justice to be served. Recently, she had an interview with Hollywood Unlocked where Peterson is becoming even more candid on her experiences with the couple.

The scrutiny continues for T.I. and Tiny after Peterson took to Instagram and accused them of extreme misconduct, abuse, and intimidation. The scandal caused massive blowback for the couple, who saw their various projects either severely affected, or ultimately halted. Following her claims, multiple women would come forward with their alleged experiences while involved with the couple.

Peterson would also file a defamation lawsuit after T.I. and Tiny both vehemently denied her claims, labeling them as “unsubstantiated and baseless allegations,” via a statement by their lawyer, Steve Sadow. He also added that “These allegations are nothing more than the continuation of a sordid shakedown campaign that began on social media.”  

Since Peterson blew the whistle on their alleged misdeeds, more than 30 accusers have allegedly come forward and have asked Tyrone A. Blackburn to represent them in their respective cases.

Most recently, Peterson produced a video to her social media where she attempts to persuade the couple to apologize while admitting to the whole truth surrounding the scandalous affairs. The lengthy video, captured by various outlets, shows Peterson saying, “Tell the truth about what you did to me and apologize, I’m gone. I don’t want one dime. I don’t want one dime,” she said insinuating that this whole ordeal is beyond money and that she is not motivated by it.

Peterson’s request came with more conditions. “And here’s the other stipulation. Do it within seven days,” Peterson said in the video. “Do this, what I’m saying right now, within 7 days. Within 7 days tell the truth and apologize and I’m gone.” 

Following Peterson’s ask, T.I., who most recently released a music video and song addressing her and the other women’s claims, posted a petty response to his Instagram. Along with a picture that showed himself, comedians Dave Chapelle, Kevin Hart, and singer Neyo, he captioned the photo “An Apology???? [Soulja Boy] voice,” showing that he had zero intentions of complying. In the comments, Tiny was seen commenting that it was “too early for this” along with a laughing and heart emoji.

Peterson, not one to be one-upped, shared a follow-up post that listed 14 things in a meme to point out a narcissist. In the next slide, a photo of R. Kelly and T.I. is seen. “Pride comes before the fall,” she captioned the photo.

Peterson recently opened up to Hollywood Unlocked where she discussed, in detail, her reasons for exposing the couple, sharing that she had no idea several people also went through those experiences.

“I do a post and it’s a caption, it’s not his picture, it’s not anything else,” she explained. “It was strictly a caption. It wasn’t a video, it was an image of me with a bullhorn.” She continues to highlight how T.I. seemingly stands up for the community, yet his actions contradict his intentions in the same light. After calling him an “oxymoron”, she explains, “I have everything to do with anybody on God’s green earth thinking you can control my narrative of how I can, when and how I speak, why I speak, and things of that nature. If you didn’t want someone to mention that you put a gun to their head, I think it’s easily said: Don’t put a gun to their head,” Peterson added.

The same interview, which aired on Fox Soul, she further exposes that the rapper allegedly had one of his henchmen that was affiliated with his record label – Grand Hustle Entertainment, had allegedly been hired to kill her. According to Peterson, the rapper offered to pay $25,000 for her to be pushed off the side of a building. The segment below.

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