Rapper T.I. Announces His Retirement From Music Amid Accusations From Over 30 Women, Rapper Claims His Next Album Will Be His Last

Rapper T.I is attempting to salvage his legacy. In light of over 30 women coming forward with damning allegations against he and his wife Tiny Harris, T.I has been doing everything in his power to maintain his innocence and hold on to his career. He’s taken to social media several times to talk directly with fans and dispel whats being said in the news. Now he’s using his art to speak for him one final time, as he’s announced that his next album will be his last.

T.I and Tiny have been fighting hard to distance themselves from accusations that started from a disagreement with family friend Sabrina Peterson. Peterson took her social media to tell followers that she’s experienced abuse at the hands of the Harris family. The domino effect was instantaneous as other people began to come forward with separate but similar claims about the reality tv/music power couple. Many of them have already lawyered up under Tyrone A. Blackburn who wasted no time filing claims in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta.

Due to these lawsuits, VH1 has halted production on T.I & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle back in February as a result. Disney’s Marvel studios also removed T.I from the upcoming AntMan sequel. 

The couple took to church recently to try and get some sympathy from their congregation, much to the dismay of fans. Sabrina Peterson also offered to drop the suit if the couple came forward and admitted to their wrongdoing, something they don’t seem too keen on doing.

In his latest release, T.I makes an attempt at clearing his name with a song aimed at his accusers dropped last week titled “What it’s Come To”. In it he raps, “Go put your face and reputation on it/These kinda claims deserve more than anonymous/Provocation conversations, don’t it?/They say let’s hit him with the one-two/You see how many niggas this been done to/Speak for the people, all you did, we can undo/Welcome to the Pro-Intel Part Two, damn, this is what it’s come to.” Elsewhere on the record he says “F**k that, I’m crankin’ up the jury, who you lyin’ on shawty.” He continues, “Extortion, is that what you got your mind on, shawty?/Tell ’em, ‘Get it how you live, shawty, I ain’t goin’ for it’/I’ma take it all away, every day of the week/Bet you thought this s**t was sweet and I would pay in a week/And you could take this s**t or leave it, I’m just sayin’ my piece/Been look at all the traffic when you play in the street.” 

In the accompanied visual for the song, T.I reveals that the single will be followed up with parent album “K*ll The King”, which he says will be his final album. “K*ll The King, the final album, coming soon,” wrote the artist on the screen.

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