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Rapper T.I. Arrested While On Vacation With Wife Tiny, Rapper Facing More Legal Trouble After Breaking Law and Talking On Phone While Cycling In Amsterdam

Rapper T.I is behind bars currently. The embroiled Atlanta icon has had an intense 2021, with much of the year centering on allegations and accusations stemming from a disgruntled family friend. This has slowly imploded into an avalanche of issues for Tip and his wife R&B singer and reality star Tameka “Tiny” Harris. While the two await the resolution of their legal woes, they took a trip to Amsterdam for their 11th anniversary where T.I found himself on the wrong side of the law yet again for a completely unrelated issue.

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T.I and Tiny have been under fire for months now after former family friend Sabrina Peterson “exposed” their shady personal lives. Peterson was retaliating due to the pair mocked her for coming forward after T.I attacked her at gun point in front of children. She went on to reveal that T.I and Tiny open their bedroom up to other people, sometimes against their will, and have a history of abusive behavior. The effects of her confessions lead other people to come forward with separate but eerily similar claims about the reality tv/music power couple. Most of them have lawyered up under New York based attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn, who wasted no time filing claims in his home state as well as Los Angeles and Atlanta against the couple.

Blackburn spoke to the Dailybeast and revealed that most of the victims do not know each other, making their identical stories appear all the more real.

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T.I and Tiny have maintained their innocence, firing back in several Instagram posts. Unfortunately the damage has been pretty severe. Not only is the current season of their VH1 reality show T.I & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle been postponed, but T.I has also not been asked to return to the Ant-Man series highly anticipated third installment Quantumanium.

The couple ran off to Amsterdam for a break from it all and it was there that T.I found himself in trouble with local law enforcement. The “Rubber band Man” was out riding a bike on talking on his phone, something that is illegal in Amsterdam. Unfortunately while doing the illegal riding, he also ran smack into a police car breaking their side view mirror. The police promptly placed him in custody. He was able to report on his ordeal via social media, posting a video from jail explaining what happened.

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