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Rapper T.I. Confirms Friend ‘Peed’ On Rapper Drake In Movie Theater, Years After Meek Mill Referenced Encounter On Drake Diss Track ‘Wanna Know’

The best way to speak on rumors these days is tried, tested and true – on “wax,” and with T.I. being one of the elder statesmen of Trap music, it’s fitting he’s done just that. One of the more off the wall rumors that has circulated about Drake and has been featured in a few beefs has finally been confirmed, thanks to Tip.

Back in 2015, Drake was in a beef that was being handled on wax with rapper Meek Mill, and both sides did their fair share of lobbing grenades and running away. However, it was a few of the lines in one of Meek’s verses that stood out and gained some traction on their own.

Meek Mill dropped a diss song entitled “Wanna Know” that had a number of bombs in it, including that Drake was using a ghostwriter at the time named Quentin Miller. “I just wanna know, if you ain’t write that running through the six s–t. Tell us who the f– was Quentin running through the six with?,” Meek rapped.

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While that accusation was more than enough at the time to shake up the Internet, ultimately it was proven that many artists work with different writers and producers in the creation of a hit song and that aspect of the controversy died down for the Toronto rapper.

Meek also laid an accusation at Drake’s feet at the end of the diss that people paid particular attention to – apparently, Meek had some kind of inside knowledge that Drake had been peed on by a man. “You let Tip homie piss on you in a movie theater ni**a, we ain’t forget. Real ni**as back in style this s**t is lit. This that Ja Rule s**t and 50 Cent”

That latter accusation lit the Internet up at the time, with TMZ even joining in on the reporting of where potentially this story came from, if it was true and if it was the scoop of the century. TMZ was able to discern that the event in question more than likely happened at a movie screening that both T.I. and Drake were in attendance at.

THAT story goes even further back to 2010, when the movies Takers was released – in which T.I. was one of the lead stars. The actor/rapper has achieved success in Hollywood, appearing in a number of roles since his time in Takers. T.I. has since joined a Marvel franchise, Ant-Man, and has appeared in all the sequels.

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Apparently during that event, one of T.I.’s entourage, a close friend named Cap, was so drunk that he started to pee on himself during the movie – ultimately splashing some on Drake, who was sitting nearby. According to sources at the time, rapper reportedly got up from his seat 30 minutes into the movie, shouted “MF,” and left.

Meek Mill referenced this story in his diss and now, T.I. has cleared it up while also confirming it, on a new song with John Legend from his latest album.

On “We Did It Big” from The L.I.B.R.A., Tip reminisces about his friend Terrance Beasley, also known as “Cap” from the story above. Cap was killed in prison a year ago, and T.I. raps about the story mentioned by Mill previously.

“So drunk in LA, end up pissin’ on Drake, s**t/F–k it, that’s still my brother since back in the trap house.”

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Hear the song below.

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