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Rapper T.I. Trashes 50 Cent Music Catalog, Insists He Has Five Classic Albums, While 50 Cent Only Has One ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’

50 Cent’s been on the warpath lately, defending himself and trolling others all at the same time. The Power producer and star is once again making his opinions known, whether or not anyone asks him, which is what we’ve come to love about 50. Once again, he’s into it with T.I. over the music and their legacies.

Rapper T.I. has previously challenged 50 Cent’s dominance and catalog before. The two both have a catalog of hits that range from street joints to pop hits, and T.I. wanted all the smoke from 50 Cent’s catalog in a head-to-head Verzuz battle. He even invited 50 Cent to bring along collaborators Dr. Dre and Eminem.

Tip issued the challenge on 50’s birthday, upping the ante even more – for the second time.

Previously, T.I. had called 50 to the carpet. “Guess who ain’t scared of your muthaf—n’ a–, 50? Bring your hit records with you. You and Dr. Dre and Eminem and gotd**n G-Unit … y’all bring y’all’s asses out. Come see the king.”

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50 Cent was unbothered, which lead to T.I. reissuing the challenge.

“For your birthday I offer you a challenge, sir,” T.I. said. “Pull yo a– up, man with 20 of your records, man and sit cross from me and get this work, man. But I understand if you don’t want to answer to that challenge because last time you got challenged, Kanye West dusted yo a– off so, you might not want to do that!”

For his part, 50 Cent responded by reposting a news outlet’s headline and captioning it, “yo somebody passed TI the weed they gave smokey in Friday. LOL.” It’s not the first time 50’s alluded to people being high for challenging his legacy. He similarly just took the Emmy’s to task for snubbing his hit show Power.

“ok here it is Emmy’s, My Black a** for your consideration to kiss,” he wrote in a new post’s caption about his perceived slight—featuring an image of someone’s backside. “F— your organization I only care about NAACP awards,” said 50, referring to the one award show organization that has supported him and his show. It also just happens of course that the NAACP organization is one that caters exclusively to Black people.

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Big or small, 50’s never seems to back down from a challenge, or challenger. It seems as if him and T.I. are at it, once again, over their respective outsized musical legacies. The two are now embroiled in a back and forth about who has the most “classic” albums, a term in hip-hop for albums that are considered evergreen. T.I. thinks he’s beating 50 Cent’s catalog when it comes to “classic” albums.

During a recent episode of The Fat Joe Show, Tip and Fat Joe discussed their catalogs and most impactful albums. T.I. admitted that 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Trying is indeed a classic that can be played from top to bottom with no skips – while also suggesting it’s 50’s only classic entry.

“I love 50. That whole album is jammin’. Top to bottom,” T.I. said. “Bruh, I got five classics. Three, if you’re being conservative. I have five classics.”

50 Cent of course responded via his own Instagram, reposting the clip himself of Joe and Tip’s discussion and captioning it “The man said he got 5 classics,😳it’s too early i’m going back to sleep.”

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See 50’s post below.

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