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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Disrespects Late Nipsey Hussle’s Mural Painting Site In Los Angeles To Troll Rappers While ‘Paying Respect’

Controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine just doesn’t know when to leave enough alone as he continues to push the limits of his freedom to the utmost. The rapper has taken his antics to the west coast as he’s left New York and landed in Los Angeles recently. Amid him strolling the streets and seeing the sights, his decision to visit one place has left an even worse taste in many’s mouths, labeling his latest stunt “disrespectful.”

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There have been many warnings directed toward 6ix9ine before his stint in prison AND since his release. None of these seem to penetrate the rapper’s mind or phase him, as he’s been seen all over New York City and parts of northern New Jersey since being released from house arrest. 

This week, the rapper and his girlfriend Jade are living their best lives in the City of Angels. The two can be seen arriving off a private plane and also strolling in the streets of Los Angeles via footage he shared on his Instagram. 

One of the stops Tekashi 6ix9ine had on his itinerary happened to be on W. Slauson Ave, specifically where a mural was painted in honor of late rapper, Nipsey Hussle. The mural was painted near the late rapper’s Marathon Clothing Store, also where he was killed. 

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In a clip uploaded by 6ix9ine, the rapper stands in front of the mural, with Nipsey’s YG-featured single “Last Time That I Checc’d” playing in the background. He appears to wave to onlookers and then proceeds to take a knee in front of the mural and pray. “REST IN PEACE NISPEY ! I KNOW YOU LOOKING DOWN ON ME IM OUT HERE IN THE HOOD PAYING MY RESPECT,” the rapper captioned the video. 

The jarring gesture from the rapper has amassed a wave of criticism. Unsure if he was trolling or not, many took offense, especially due to Nipsey’s code of ethics towards snitching. The late rapper has even called 6ix9ine out during an interview with on-air radio personality Big Boy on L.A. radio station Real 92.3, stating people shouldn’t give 6ix9ine attention because artists who behave that way are bound to self-destruct. 

Social media was quick to erupt as many Nipsey fans, and L.A. residents state they believe had the rapper still been alive, he would in no way associate with or co-sign 6ix9ine’s antics. “Total disrespect he [passed] because he told a snitch to get from rond him,” one user wrote. 

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West Coast rapper The Game found the gesture to be disrespectful. The Game has spoken against 6ix9ine in the past, as well as TDE rapper, Reason. Earlier this week, Game logged on to his Twitter to let off his thoughts on 6ix9ine.

6ix9ine responded to his tweet with, “He’s in a better place now… let the man rest.” Tekashi has also spoken ill of Nipsey as of late, saying that both Nipsey and Pop Smoke are no longer alive because they didn’t have security like himself, further provoking onlookers of his antics to question his motives.  

His latest stunt motivated Game to speak his peace, labeling him “disrespectful” and commenting with a rat emoji saying, “Keep Playing.” 

Rapper Reason was also one who couldn’t allow this to go unaddressed, leaving the comment “Aye bro it’s a video already out, you was there for 60 seconds for this and got escorted by police back to the car. Troll all you want but leave our legend out of it bro.” This in reference to another video captured and released shortly after the Tekashi post, which appears to show him, along with his security, jump in and out of his car in under 120 seconds, proving he may not have been as comfortable as he projected.  

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