Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Heartlessly Asks Late Rapper, King Von To Join Him On IG Live

Just in case you thought that rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine couldn’t get any more disrespectful, he’s done it yet again.  The controversial rapper has made it a part of his career as he stoops too low levels, and his latest one easily could be one of his lowest. Perhaps he is trying to increase the buzz around his latest single and block out the fact that his last album flopped, but 6ix9ine’s antics seem to have no end.

On February 21, Showtime premiered its three-part docu-series “Supervillain: The Making of Tekashi 6ix9ine,” which follows his rise to fame as well as the infamous trial that has given him the label “snitch”.  Although director Karam Gill hadn’t met or interviewed the rapper, his experience while creating the project led him to describe 6ix9ine as a  “truly a horrible human being”.

“I think viewers will be shocked to realize how hyper-calculated [he is]” Gill said in an interview with Page Six. “Tekashi was someone who never did anything online on accident. Every click, word, and action online was designed with care to spark a reaction.”

While initially reluctant to attach himself to the project because he felt the rapper was a “toxic individual”, Gill felt the extreme need to shine a light on what propelled 6ix9ine to his fame.  “We’re living in the era of manufactured celebrity, where people can create inauthentic online personas and rise to fame without any talent or morals,” he added. “Tekashi’s story is exactly that — he’s someone who realized the power of having your own platform.”

The trailer’s project highlights a clip of Tekashi boastfully stating that “If I was to die today, I’d be a legend. I know that for a fact.”  Perhaps he’s really trying to expedite that with his last set of shenanigans.  Just last week 6ix9ine filmed an altercation with rapper Meek Mill, with whom he’s had a longstanding feud, in a parking lot.  He then filmed himself screaming at another individual while in a Foot Locker.

Tekashi is now continuing his feud with Chicago rappers Lil Reese and 600 Breezy, and the warnings against his life are at an even more heightened level.  Both rappers hopped on to his Instagram Live with threats towards the “ZAZA” rapper because he continues to speak on King Von even after his passing. 

Rapper Lil Reese would also flash a gun while on the Live with 6ix9ine while his friends hopped in to tell the New York rapper that he was “too disrespectful.”  Seemingly discontent with his behavior, Tekashi took the disrespect to another level by calling on deceased rapper King Von to join his Live.  “Somebody tell King Von join my Live right now. I bet he won’t,” he wrote on an IG Post.

This isn’t the first time that the rapper has mocked King Von’s death. 6ix9ine’s latest behavior has many social media users calling for him to be stopped, with some insisting that he should be “sent back to jail”.   “Brooooo I can’t believe 6ix9ine out here tryna act hard to Lil Reese and 600Breezy WHILE ALSO DISRESPECTING KING VON. Omg dude. Insaaaaane,” one individual tweeted.  Another noted an observation that Tekashi only targets Black men in attempts to get them in trouble with the feds.  “Tekashi 6ix9ine only tries that mess with Black Men. He is an informant and he want y’all to get caught up. He don’t try that mess with no one else. He isn’t even worth y’all time and energy. This is how he keeps his relevance by picking at Black Men.”

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