Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Reveals He Pays $15,000 For Each Lacefront Wig

Tekashi 6ix9ine is known for his trolling and boisterous ways, and also his long flowing hair.  The rapper oft debuts different variations of hair colors and styles that tend to lean on the flamboyant and loud side, but 6ix9ine boldly and proudly wears them with confidence.  Behind the controversial rapper’s long hair is celebrity stylist, Jonathan Wright. 

Following his early release from prison, Wright had the opportunity to interact with 6ix9ine.  In the midst of doing one of his friend’s hair, Wright had the bright idea to place a lace front wig on the rapper.  Unsure of whether or not he would go for it and knowing he may have had some convincing to do, Wright went ahead with confidence and made his outlandish suggestion to the rapper.  His suggestion would ultimately stick, changing the rapper’s look. 

“Tekashi was sitting there [while doing his friend’s hair] and I looked at him I said, ‘I’m putting a wig on you,’” Wright told Page Six. “And he said, ‘Boy, stop, you ain’t putting a wig on me.’ And that was the day, I believe, when he shot ‘Gooba’ with Nicki [Minaj].” 

Wright’s speaking up brought 6ix9ine to try out different options with the celebrity hairstylist, putting his head in Wright’s hands.  “The next day, I tried the slime-green-and-purple wig on him,” recalled Wright of the now-viral look.  “I told him, ‘I promise, you will look like a rock star.  Tekashi thought I was messing with him.”  

Tekashi’s green-haired look quickly spread on social media with many praising the rapper’s bold choice.  “It really looked like right on him,” added Wright. “He loved the ponytail look. I love the braids, personally. People will copy you after a while — so why not be the first rap artist to do that?” 

Wright, who admitted to Page Six that he aspires to push the buttons with his clients, shared his vision of also creating a “half-and-half: a red rainbow and a full gold metallic look” for 6ix9ine.  In the meantime, 6ix9ine shared with The Shade Room that his locks don’t come cheap as he pays quite the price in order to remain innovative with his hair.  6ix9ine shared that he spends upwards of $15,000 per each time he receives a new wig from Wright.   

“Jonathan literally gets paid the most– I pay Jonathan like $15,000 every time,” the rapper shared, which shocked the interviewer.  Must be nice! 

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