Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Snitching Again, Reported Blueface To ‘Instagram’ Feds, Now Rapper Is Sitting In Jail On Instagram For Second Time After Account Is Deleted

Tekashi 6ix9ine is a beef magnet, and he’s found his next target. The New York MC and professional troll set his sights on California one hit wonder Blueface earlier this week. The two have shared a heated exchange online that ended in Blueface calling 6ix9ine a snitch.

6ix9ine has been relatively quiet on social media for a bit. He made his return last week with a controversial video. In the clip, he can be seen counting about $1 million dollars in cash. The money can be seen spread across the floor in his room while he steps over it, doing his usual trash talking and announcing where he’d be heading next. Fans were immediately concerned for him and his well being traveling with so much cash and already having such a large target on his back. “It took me 23 minutes to count 1,000,000,” he captioned the video. He captioned it in all caps, “RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA JULY 22ND AT ENIGMA NIGHT CLUB — MANASSAS VIRGINIA JULY 25TH AT PRINCE WILLIAMS FAIRGROUNDS.”

Just week prior 6ix9ine was the target of an apparent hit put on him by fellow rapper Lil Murden. Murden took to his social media to ask fans in the North Carolina area to pull up on 6ix9ine during his tour stop. “I see what’s going on Raleigh.  I got 100 up for anything to happen to a famous rat.  100.  And a guarantee that 100 will touch your bank account or in your hand,” Murden said. Many fans quickly pointed out how the rapper is incriminating himself with the post. “Did this n***a just put a hit out?” one fan questioned. Others are speculating 6ix9ine will leave Raleigh without a scratch on him.

6ix9ine jumped in Blueface’s mentions last week to comment on a tattoo he got of his jewelers name. “He definitely owed them money for unpayed jewelry,” wrote 6ix9ine in the comments. Blueface fired back and the two went back and forth for a bit. Blueface tried to go for the KO, posting pictures of 6ix9ine’s baby mother after she’d been abused by the rapper. He also invited 6ix9ine to a boxing match.

Shortly afterwards Blueface’s Instagram was deleted. He took to twitter to call out 6ix9ine for reporting him, calling him a snitch. “Pay close attention,” Blueface said in a tweet. “He reported all my post for bullying and deleted his skit. Playing victim like he did in court. My IG be back up shortly.” He continued, “Mans came for me got his feelings hurt so he did what rats do an snitched.”

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