Rapper The Game Called Out For Selling $25 Raffle Tickets To Fans To Cover His All-Expense Paid Vacation To Private Island With One Fan and Guest

Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known by his stage name “The Game” or “Game”, was on a very promising plane skyward to an extremely successful run.  However, lately when news is associated with the rapper it is for anything but his music or acting ventures.   

Game, a Compton native, burst onto the mainstream scene back in 2005 with the release of his major-label debut, The Documentary.  A product of Dr. Dre’s Aftermath and 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records, Game had all the co-signs needed atop his hit material to coast onward to a successful, thriving, longstanding career. 

Recently, Game reflected on his days prior to being a top-selling artist when he had been struggling as a starving artist.  “I remember a time when I had $26 to my name & was scared to spend it,” he tweeted. “Didn’t know where the next meal was coming from. Slept in my car in Hollywood just to wake up in the action & pass out my demo.”   

In the midst of his trip down memory lane, he took the time to encourage his fans and supporters, as well as those pursuing the same type of career path that he took.  “Never give up, your dreams live around the corner from your struggle,” he continued. 

Soon enough, the highs became the lows as The Game and his former G-Unit boss, 50 Cent became embroiled in what would to this day continue on as a longstanding beef.  Game would eventually be dropped from G-Unit and left to fend for himself without his original team. His debut album would be the first and last that bore the G-Unit or Aftermath imprint. 

Over the years, it would seem that Game would suffer more losses than wins.  There were multiple financial issues with the rapper, and also a damning sexual assault case that caused him to have to pay millions of dollars in damages.  Game also lost the rights to his catalog as well. 

One of the latest things plaguing the rapper is news that he was a part of scamming up-and-coming artists who are looking to break in into the music industry.  During the pandemic, quite a few artists began to post that they were seeking out up-and-coming creatives who were looking to potentially work with them, soliciting the artists to DM them for their chance.   

The artists would soon come to find out that they would have to pay a price in order to receive a slot on a (SoundCloud) playlist.  Numerous underground artists began to come forward with accounts of the rapper allegedly coming in their DMs to let them know their “track was hot”, but the next step would involve payment upwards of $1,000. 

After these artists would bring payment, they allege that Game would ghost them when it came to promotion and their songs would go pretty much unnoticed for the amount of money they paid.  

In the latest scandal to hit the Compton rapper, he posted what seemed to be a contest for his fans to participate in which a lucky fan of his and their guest would accompany him on a vacation.  Said vacation would be taking place from June 2nd to June 4th, with the winner being announced on May 30th

“See you & your invited guest on an island in less than 30 days ALL EXPENSES PAID !!!! I’m already packed,” wrote the Game under the post as he hashtags it “#VacationWithGame” and #LifeOnMe.” 

Game invited his fans to click the link in his bio in order to enter for a chance to win.  However, once the link is clicked fans are taken to a website that shows in order to be eligible a $25 ticket has to be purchased. 

“The tickets purchased will go into a raffle for the opportunity to meet, greet, and VACATION with The Game,” a statement reads, as per the website. “The winning raffle ticket will include airfare and hotel for an all-expense paid vacation with celebrity, The Game.” 

Fans are encouraged to enter as many times as they’d like for an increased opportunity although only one winner will be selected for the vacation.   

Some fans who were not privy to that information were initially excited until they followed instructions in the caption and discovered they would have to pay $25 to enter.  Once they surmised that all of the expenses would more than likely be funded by the entrée fees paid by fans, immediate criticism hit his comment section on Instagram. 

“Wait so is the trip paid for because people paying 25$ for the raffle tickets or ?,” questioned one fan.   

Someone else comments, “$25 to register times however many people looks like the people paying for this trip lol. 2 days only wow don’t go all out.”  

“New music g, that’s all we need,” writes another, possibly fed up with all of the scandals surrounding him that have nothing to do with his actual career.  

While some of his 11.3 million followers being skeptical, there will more than likely be the percentage that will participate.  With May 30th around the corner, good luck to those who choose to enter. 

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