Rapper The Game Claims Men Should Pay All The Bills and Women Should Be Allowed To Stack Their Paper

You know the saying about folks having to “get their house in order” and as well “people in glass houses should not throw stones”?  Yeah… The Game should adhere to this advice.  The rapper has come on social media to share what he feels men should do for their women in relationships, and it’s garnering some mixed reactions. 

The Game was previously engaged to Tiffney Cambridge until she couldn’t handle all of the infidelity that came with being with him.  Rumors of domestic disputes also plagued the relationship.  Speaking to Wendy Williams, Game admitted that he was to blame while also revealing the true to life lyrics of the classic Joni Mitchell song “Big Yellow Taxi”.  Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone? 

“I was a dog,” the rapper confessed. “I had infidelity issues, and I kind of blew it. It’s pretty much my fault. I had a good woman: school teacher, master’s degree, mother of my children… You don’t really get it when you’re in the relationship. Then you get out—and she kicks you to the curb—then you realize what a great woman you had.” 

Game also shared with Wendy that he aspires to one day be a married man.  “I want to be someone’s husband,” the “Hate It Or Love It” rapper shared. “I want to be everything for that woman, but my grandmother says that one day I’ll wake up and know when I’m ready.” 

His thoughts would sound a bit differently when he appeared in a later interview with The Breakfast Club.  The Game shared with the radio show’s hosts that he would love it if cheating were legalized.  Why? “It would make it easier for women,” he said. “The truth is every man cheats. Fat men, skinny men, basketball player, guy who can’t play, nerds, smart guy, it doesn’t matter. A woman is better off assuming exactly what I said. You’ll be better off that way.” 

However, do not think that the rapper feels as though the same rules should ever apply to women.  “I would never understand,” the rapper said. “You know the balance. It [would be] over with. That’s how it goes.” 

Game is ready to flip-flop as he attempts to switch the “gentleman” role again.  Or maybe he’s growing?  Either way, Game is offering advice on social media to his followers.  For instance, a few weeks ago the rapper popped up online to share that men should delete their social media when they find the one they want to settle down with. 

“There are so many beautiful women in the world, especially these days. Even when you get you a ‘bad b***h’ soon as you got her, you see another 1 you THINK is badder.. then you gotta have that one & repeat this process until you’ve lost em all one by one.  Find yo wife & delete IG.” 

The rapper then shared that he keeps it old school when it comes to his women in another tweet.  “Maybe I’m old school but my woman ain’t paying one damn bill,” stated Game. “Not rent, not mortgage, not a car note, not nails, hair, clothes, phone or groceries…. if you’re taking care of home, cooking & f*****g the s**t outta me….. LIFE ON ME !!! Period.” 

In a series of tweets, the California native continued forward as the debate began to flow with his followers.  “Why she gotta pay 1/2 the rent ?? She giving you 1/2 the [expletive] or sumn,” questioned the rapper.  “N****s kill me…. since the beginning of time REAL MEN have always taken care of shelter, providing & protecting. & if you ain’t got it… go get it !!!” 

Game also feels that the man should continue to provide as the woman works to get her own as well.  “If you’re lucky enough to land an independent woman who works her a** off & still comes home to cook, clean, take care of kids & go krazy sexually…. let her stack what she make in case y’all need it one day & still handle everything as a man !!!” 

He wasn’t done, adding “The term “I got it baby, don’t worry about it”…… makes most [women’s] soul smile, heart warm & [privates] get more m***t than perfect tollhouse cookies, but what do I know.” 

The next day, the rapper saw the commentary that his tweets caused, particularly with the men who viewed them.  He came back on to address those who had issues with what he had to say.  “I get it.. N***s is mad at the tweets,” he said. “But ask ya self why ? Cause you don’t want a real woman, you want a [ROOMMATE]. I’ve seen my mama damn near slave at home & still go work a 10 hour shift as a child & I can’t let MY WOMAN go out like that. If you ain’t that type of man, kool.” 

His opinions caused mixed reactions from those who came across it on Twitter.  One fan responded, “Big facts. Nothing against a dude who’s working hard and just can’t cut it but I’ve never had help from a woman. I have to be able to afford my lifestyle with or without my girl so I don’t mind paying all of the rent and most of the bills if I’m in a relationship.” 

Another commented, “So we can argue about me not being home working 2-3 jobs and me not taking her no where and get left? Talkin about I give you a roof and pay bills? Lmao ain’t spending all mines while she do nothing but stack hers My guy.” 

Some felt as though people of his stature/tax bracket feel as though it is easy to share their “advice”, but others may not be able to be in the position to provide.  Some users also felt that social media users should not take advice from celebrities for this very reason. “This is the problem you post stuff like this and women actually believe this stuff yes real men go to work and so do real women it’s a 50-50 split we’re not all millionaires like yourselves!” 

What are your thoughts? 

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