Rapper Trouble and 30% Of Men Claim They’d Let Drake ‘Smash’ Their Wife For A Feature, Says Women Are Going To Do It Anyway If He Slide In Their DMs

There’s a growing list of people that have had interactions with rapper Drake that haven’t been too bothered to share their public stories with their fans and followers. Drake even joked about how in-demand he is in one of his recent videos, with an annoying DJ Khaled the star. Now, rapper Trouble is willing to share something very intimate to get another Drake feature – his wife.

Drake has gotten in on the candle craze, right in time for the holidays. Candles cost more than music. The Canadian rapper has been inspired by his own scent and partnered with Swiss fragrance house Givaudan and perfumer Michael Carby to give his fans a sense of what the “Champagne Papi” smells like in person.

Earlier in the never-ending pandemic, actress and comedian Tiffany Shared how Drake slid into her DM’s – in order to secure a cameo, at least.

Haddish and a whole host of others appeared in Drake’s 2008 video for his hit song “Nice for What,” and it was around the time of this experience that Haddish’s story starts on her interactions with the global superstar. She shared the story in an interview with fellow comedienne Luenell on VladTV.

“I had no relationship with Drake whatsoever,” Tiffany Haddish admitted. “I would explore it if he was trying to… What kind of personality do he got? What’s the tea with him? He had slid in my DMs, I had no idea. I ran into him at a party and he was like, ‘Man, I was in your DMs. I’m trying to get you to do my music video.'”

Haddish indeed checked her messages and there was Drake. She accepted, did the video and it was then that Drake told her he’d like to take her for dinner.

However, as the story goes, told by Haddish, that Drake had to cancel at the last minute for a “family emergency.” Haddish believed this emergency years ago was the birth of his then-secret son with Sophie Brussaux, Adonis.

Even Luenell herself claims that she would have “risked it” with a “stripper” to have Drake’s baby.

Luenell, meet rapper Trouble, who seems to also be willing to risk a few things for a feature from the global hit-making artist. Being that people have a lot of free time on their hands these days, Trouble made a comment on a post that asked a very sensitive question from a prominent Black comedian.

“Would you let drake ‘smash’ your wife for a feature,” asked Lil Duval on Twitter. After the post gained some traction and moved over to Instagram via @saycheesetv, Atlanta rapper Trouble managed to get caught by screenshot giving his opinion on the matter – and the fact that he agreed he would let Drake do it.

“Why not? They gon f— em for free anyway if he slide in her DM,” said Trouble. “Yall soft azz n—az dont reply to me eitha. You’ll neva undastand ah street n—a mental #OnLord.”

Ultimately, 30.7% agreed that Drake could “run thru” their wives, while 69.3% said “No can do.

Hear the pair’s previous collaboration below.

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