Rapper Young Buck Blasts Transgender Woman For Catfishing and Recording Him, Claims He Was Set Up After Communicating On Instagram

Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck is fed up with the misinformation surrounding himself and wants there to be respect on his name.  The Nashville born rapper fell victim to a situation where he was seen in a video fleeing from a location where a transgender was involved and after two years of facing scrutiny, the rapper is speaking u to let it be known that “the Buck stops here.”

The list of people that rapper 50 Cent has developed issues with over the years is an extremely long one that does not seem to show signs of shortening any time soon.  It is no secret that his relationship between him and his former artist has not been the best, and while it may have been taking a toll on the rapper mentally, it provided entertainment for those on the outside looking in for the duration of the on-going beef.  

Buck has recently been given the opportunity to speak his peace on quite a lot of issues, including his contentious relationship with the Power actor, as well as the events surrounding the infamous transgender video with Vlad TV.  When asked about his time with G-Unit, Buck reflected on their reunion around 2012, which he says was the beginning of the end for them.  

“… I was no longer under the contract of my previous years, so I was coming into him basically giving the opportunity of creating a, I think we were supposed to do a group project and one solo project and we released a few EPs amongst that time and from there it was supposed to lead off into a solo project or either a group project,” the Let Me In rapper said. “It wasn’t a full G-Unit album since that reunion came. It was only a few EPs that were dropped..”

He continued, “In the midst of that contract, he, I think signed everybody else to a group album deal, but for me, he put a group album deal and a solo album situation.  So, technically, the two EPs counted as a group album, but I was left and entitled to fulfill an album agreement where he slid that in with getting a solo project out of me. That’s what’s leading up to where we are today in the business of the problems of what started to incur ’cause from there, it’s when everything just started going haywire.”

He then went on to speak on why he believes 50 Cent kicked him out of the collective, in detail, with Vlad.  But the most recent clip that was released shows him speaking on the trans woman, which is still a major topic for some of Buck’s detractors.  Things may not be as they seem, Buck says, as he feels as though he was catfished, and is embarrassed by the whole situation. 

“When the sh*t first happened, it f’d me up,” Buck admits.  “I reacted without even seeing the video first cause I know where I stand.  That wasn’t me.  But when I’ve seen the video, I said ‘damn, that is me in that video.’  But it wasn’t me knowingly going into a situation knowing what it was.  It was one of those things where I was catfished […] Where a person was in the DMs, sending [expletive] and pop up and say, ‘Hey I’m in your city.'”

The video in question was shared multiple times by many social media users, including by his former boss.  He also shared other memes intended to disparage Buck and the trans community.  Yet through it all, Buck remained strong despite the rumors.  “Some Of You MF’s Will Believe Anything,” wrote Buck in response to 50’s trolling. “The Internet Didn’t Make Buck…And It Dam Sure Can’t Break Buck.” 

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