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Rapper Young Buck Reveals He’s Completely Broke, $100,000 Behind In Child Support and Depending On Girlfriend For Living Expenses

Young Buck just can’t seem to catch a break lately it seems.  The Nashville born rapper once boasted on his feature in Lil Scrappy’s 2005 song “Money In The Bank” these lyrics: “We keep a bankroll, wallet full of credit cards/Cup full of Cristal, box full of cigars.”  It’s been 15 years since the song’s release, and it seems as though things have taken a turn.

Within the same verse, the rapper, whose real name is David Darnell Brown, rapped “I got a Bentley that I only drove one time/50 bought it for me shorty but it’s still mine.”  Being that he was once affiliated with G-Unit Records, the statement could very well be true to life. The two have been embroiled in a terrible battle as their relationship has been damaged with seemingly no chances of being repaired.  

The rapper has also had his share of legal woes and has been in and out of jail.  While being signed to G-Unit, Young Buck was sentenced to 18 months in prison on weapons charges in 2012.  During his prison stint, he was involved in a lengthy bankruptcy court case with his former boss 50 Cent for a reported $300,000 loan he was given when they were on good terms, in which according to TMZ, he was able to “emerge from… with a clean slate”, while 50 was left with nothing.  G-Unit Records also reportedly was suing Young Buck for a whopping $10 million, in which they also lost in the case.

Over the years the battle between the two would only get worse.  While they reunited for a brief moment in 2014 when G-Unit reunited, adding new member Kidd Kidd, and released their EP The Beauty of Independence in August of 2014.  However, after the group’s disbandment, the two kept at it, mostly 50 Cent adding flames to the already blazing fire which included rumors of a relationship between Buck and a transgender woman.  The rumors would incite a hailstorm of memes directed to Buck.  

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Fast forward to December of 2019 where the “Shorty Wanna Ride” was arrested once again days before Christmas.  According to local news site Scoop Nashville, the rapper had been held without bond on a felony fugitive from justice warrant for reported child abandonment, with a court date scheduled for months later in May of 2020.  

During his stint in prison, it was reported by All Hip Hop that the rapper had filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the attempts to get out of his G-Unit contract.  After years of publicly speaking of his contractual woes with his former label and dealing with Fif’s trolling behavior, Buck wants out.  The publication states in an exclusive that his main creditors are listed as the mothers of his six kids, the Georgia Department of Human Services, and the IRS.  The rapper is also disputing an undisclosed amount of money owed to both 50 and his former label.  

Although earning just under $100,000 between 2017 and 2019 from several mixtapes, it wasn’t enough to shield him from the IRS, which claims to be owed $415,892.04 from the rapper, spanning the years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.  The rapper is also seeking a ban on his former label and boss from receiving royalties that he may be entitled to.  

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The documents also revealed that the rapper had no property, assets, cash and only has $200 worth of jewelry and clothing. With all the rapper owes to IRS and in child support, the rapper claims in the documents that he relies on his girlfriend for living expenses.

Since being released from prison, the rapper has been vocal about his attempts to be free from his contract.  He hopped on to Instagram in a live session with Three 6 Mafia founder and member DJ Paul to further explain his stance. 

Although offering to pay 50, his attempts were denied while instead, he kept adding to the debt.   “He come back in and $50,000 known and say you want me to sign over my whole catalog? I own all my s–t. And I’m the only n—a that ever recouped in G-Unit history. I don’t owe Interscope or G-Unit a quarter.”

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He continued, speaking more on his filing for bankruptcy.  “When I was in jail I put my pride to the side f— that, I done filed bankruptcy before in my career, I’d do it again. To be honest, I didn’t file bankruptcy technically to get out the contract, I filed bankruptcy-like, ‘look, if I owe you, show me where I owe you.’ Show me where you claim you gave me $350 or $250 or whatever,” he stated. “I knew it wouldn’t happen because I knew what it was, the fans and people don’t. Now, I get a chance to do what I’ve always been trying to do from the beginning and that’s just make good music.”

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